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The True Stories in Tibet
that the Western Media Dare Not to Report

18 March 2008

The following is translated from some Chinese online reports and posts:

24-year old Muslim man Ma Xiaolong had a food store in Bajiao Street. Last Friday at about 3pm, when he and his brother and sister-in-law returned to their shop, they were chased by Tibetan mob who burned his store and stabbed him on his face, chest and legs.

Jin Hong worked at a bank. When a Tibetan gang broke into premises with stones and hatches, she and her colleagues had to seek refugee in a toilet. After smashed everything, the terrorists began to search for people. When they failed to get into the toilet to satisfy their desire for killing, they released gas into the room. Lucky they were eventually driven away by Tibetan security guards.

Mr Sun has a jewellery shop at the district near Ramoche Temple. The riot in that area started at Friday lunchtime when some violent lamas mixed with other Tibetan mobs shouted on the streets, and attacked whoever they set their eye on. On his way to escape the terror, Mr Sun was badly stabbed. He ran around for help, but no-one dared to open the door for him, except a kind Tibetan old lady who also called the police, which saved his life.

Dalai Lama’s nephew told a newspaper that there were over thousand lamas in Sichuan and hundreds in Gansu protested the persecution by Chinese Government.

If this guy has any human decency left in him, he would not call the terrorists who assault, burn, and kill innocent people the victims, and the police who try to protect the civilians and maintain the social order as the persecutors.

In the recent days the calls for Chinese Government to drop the Olympics preparation all together can be heard among Chinese everywhere, in China and overseas. They’ve had enough with the extortions by the West, and believe that deep down many Westerners are very much the same old folk as their great-grand-fathers a hundred years ago. What have been changed are the rhetoric not the actions, and certainly not their slave-owner mentalities.

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Chinese Police in Tibet

This shot was taken on last Friday (14 March) at 3:30pm near Ramoche Temple (小昭寺). 3 Tibetan women hurl stones at passers-by.

This shot was taken on last Friday (14 March) at 3:30pm near Ramoche Temple (小昭寺). Under the order of not to use force (打不还手,骂不还口), Chinese police are violently assaulted by the Tibetan mob, many of them are lamas (call them Buddhists are insult to Buddhism - terrorists they are!)

The US Police in New Orleans

The police beat a black suspect.

A black suspect


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