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A Tibetan's View on Lhasa Riot

31 March 2008

The following is partially translated from a post by a Tibetan student at Southwest Ethnic College and follow-up comments on a website called


I belong to Menba clan in southern Tibet, and I'm wondering whether the Government can give me some weapons - I would volunteer to sneak into Indian side to get rid of the Free Tibet base. I have some fellow students there, they know the ways well. Those descents of former slave owners become bold and audacious by the day. If let them get their way, sooner or later they'll come back to enslave us. Free Tibet Movement has no support in southern Tibet. We can not allow the minority to dictate the majority.

我是藏南门巴族,政府能不能武装我们,让我们以志愿军的形式越境去端掉藏独老巢,我有些同学在那边,熟悉路径。这帮农奴主的后代越来越嚣张了,要再不出来,他们又要回来奴役我们了! 藏独是不得人心的,把少数人的利益放在大多数人利益上面就不行的。

极品锅盖 (forum moderator):

Glad to see you here. But, I mean, we don't need to use force to resolve this problem, and we certainly shouldn't get into the territory of other country. Don't be too rush, calm down a bit.

很高兴看到你。 但是我想说的是,我们没有必要非得依靠武装力量去解决这个问题。 更不需要越境打击。 不要冲动,不要急。热情可以理解,方式有待商榷。见到你很开心:)


I understand why you feel that way, but we need peace ... we don't need to distinguish who are Tibetans and who are Hans. We're all Chinese.

我们理解, 但我们需要和平....我们不分藏人, 汉人, 我们都是一样, 中国人.


Dalai is the most pathetic guy. Tibet doesn't just belong to his Yellow Hat sect. If it becomes an independent state, tell you what, there will be endless civil wars.



Please tell us more about Tibet, we would like to hear.

楼主可以更多介绍给我们一些西藏的事。 搬个板凳来听。


Tibet has four Lamaist sects, the followers of the Yellow sect have a slave mentality and like to listen to whatever big lamas say, but people of other sects enjoy today's life very much. In fact, just a small minority in the Yellow sect wants to have an independent Tibet.

西藏分四个派, 黄教基本上就是农奴那种, 教主让他们死他们必须死, 所以其他教的人很喜欢现在的生活, 只有黄教的几个头头想要独立.


Even in the Yellow sect there are Dalai and Panchen two factions. But we Menba don't believe in either of them. We follow native religion. That is why I say if Tibet becomes an independent state, we will certainly have civil wars. How many Tibetans belong to Yellow sect, you think? They can only represent those in the regions of Rear Tibet and Qinghai

Dalai is even not the only leader of the Yellow Hats, but shares the authority with Panchen, they are equal, and both positions were appointed by the central government for the sake of helping managing the Tibetan affairs. They keep the balance of power, which is a bit like Democrats and Republicans in the US, heee. And the titles were initially created by the Mongols.




Personally I don't really give a shit how the Westerners view China. They spit at us as early as when they burned our Yuanmingyuan imperial garden ... but those Tibetan lamas, they are Chinese too, and they could be so cruel to other ethnic people. I can't understand that. Now I see your post, that makes me feel a lot better.

我觉得吧,那些外国人怎么误解我们,其实就我个人来讲并不在乎。因为中国人受的难早在圆明园被烧毁的时候就开始了... 只是那些同为中国人的藏族喇嘛同胞,对其他民族的人下那样的毒手。让我真的不能忍受。楼主,你说的这些话,让我好宽慰!


That's because you don't know the inside stories. The violent Free Tibet folks are like what you would call thugs in the inland, they would do anything for anyone who pays them. Those terrorist lamas are all from Dalai Lama's Yellow Hat, even Panchen Lama's sect takes no part of it.



Forgive me for those sharp words (in other posts). It's because I feel so upset when seeing those killings.



If I had said anything that have offended you, I beg your pardon.



I know what's in the mind of Hans at the moment. A couple of days ago, I was on a bus and no one wanted to sit next to me, they rather to stand there. We're all the victims of that Tibetan Youth Congress.

Dalai is now an empty figurehead, who has no control over the second generation of the Tibetans [Then what's the point of talking to him? - the translator]. Even he wants to talk to the Central Government, the TYC won't let him. TYC guys have been brainwashed since they were born. When they sneak back home in Tibet, they saw Han people, Han characters, and Tibetans lives being greatly improved, so they have a sense of despair, 'cause they are told all these were theirs in the old days, we were just their slaves, and their properties, yet in reality, they now have to make do in a Indian mountain, live and die like wild animals

I think it'd be better for the Central Government not try to talk to them, as I know those TYC people wouldn't really want a talk. They have a huge appetite, they want west Sichuan, south Gansu, Qinghai province, Yunnan province. They want them all. If these descendants of the slave owners return, Tibet will slip back to that dark and barbaric slave society, and will have wars.

The Government should not pay too much attention to the Westerners' opinions, instead they should focus on how to better improve Chinese people's life.





The Tibetan Independence Movement
Myth and Reality of Tibet

by elle

The idea that most Tibetans are unhappy about what has happened in Tibet and want independence from China is a product manufactured in the West and promoted by the dispossessed landlords who fled to India. Indeed, to believe it is true stretches logic to its breaking point. Who really can believe that a million former serfs - more than 90% of the population - are unhappy about having the shackles of serfdom removed? They now care for their own herds and farmland, marry whomever they wish without first getting their landlord's permission, aren't punished for disrespecting these same landlords, own their own homes, attend school, and have relatively modern hospitals, paved roads, airports and modern industries.

An objective measure of this progress is found in the population statistics. The Tibetan population has doubled since 1950, and the average Tibetan's life span has risen from 36 years at that time to 65 years at present.

Of course some Tibetans are unhappy with their lot, but a little investigation soon shows that they are, for the most part, people from families who lost their landlord privileges. There is plenty of evidence that the former serfs tell a quite different story.

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Lama's Tear

Woooo, mommy 'n' daddy 'n' uncle 'n' auntie, my hands are hurt when I hit others, woooooo, they make people think badly of me, woooo, the life is so cruel, wooooo...

Tibetan lamas enjoy their freedom of attacking police car

Tibetan lamas preach Lamaism by smashing civilian's shops


Hi, those lamas, I don't know about you, but I know genuine Buddhists all believe no one else but your own actions determine how people think of you. Besides, 哭什么哭,怕手疼就别打人啊,真CNN的没种!

The Tibetan Lamaism
Myth and Reality of Tibet

by elle

Before considering Tibet today, some words should be said about Tibetan Buddhism as a religion. The accommodations it made with Bon resulted in its becoming very different from other forms of Buddhism, particularly from the more common and much larger Chan Buddhism of China (called Zen in Japan). Images found in Tibetan Buddhist temples are much fiercer than those found in other Buddhist temples, and some Tibetan ceremonies that once used human skulls, human skin, and fresh human intestines clearly reflect the animistic elements of Bon.

From the beginning, the system of selecting Living Buddhas was open to abuse because it was easy for clever members of the monk selection committee to manipulate the objects presented to potential child candidates in order to make sure a particular child was chosen. In the case of the fourth Dalai Lama, the child selected was the great-grandson of the Mongolian chief Altan Khan. He was chosen at a time when the Gelugpa sect badly needed the protection of the Altan Khan's followers because the Gelugpa were being persecuted by the older Tibetan sects, who were jealous of the Yellow sect's rapid growth.


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