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An Online Exchange on Lhasa Riot

24 March 2008

This is a partial translation from an online post that recounts a MSN conversation between author 丫子 who was an advocator of Tibetan Independence Movement and his friend Lee who witnessed the Lhasa riot.

I was there that day.

Tell me something about it.

我是亲眼看到他们是怎么打, 杀的. 我对他们的佛教有了新的认识.
I saw how they smashed things around and killed innocent people. Now I have a new insight into their branch of Buddhism.

I’m confused...

Police didn’t use force.

Really? I’m confused...

屁个受害. 汉族才是受害者.
They say they’re victims, bullshit. Han people are real victims.

我也糊涂了. 因为,如果是其他汉族说这样的话,我可能会生气,但是是你说给我听得,我也糊涂了.
I’m confused. If other Han Chinese say this to me, I would get upset, but I’m willing to hear your point of view, as I’m quite confused now..

他们在街上见汉族就打拿刀砍, 放火烧, 连小孩都放过, 简直(不)是人.
They stabbed and burned Hans whenever they saw one, even it was a little child, they are not really humans.


They are animals. Do you know how much Han people have suffered?

天啦. 你没事吧?还上街去看.. 我前几天都有点担心你.
Heavens. Are you okay? Why went out to watch those things anyway …. I was worried about you.

我都流泪了. 那天我恰好就在八角街. 以前我还觉得要劝说为主, 现在就是要杀.
I've shed tears. That day I was happened to be at Bajiao Street. I believed in soft approaches before, now I think these people deserve death penalties.


而且他们连自己民族的人都没有放过. 你说是人吗?
They didn’t even show any mercy to their own Tibetan people. Do you think they are humans?

It’s sad to hear ..

一下子烧死了五个女的, 一个藏族. 把五岁的小孩捂死了.
In one case, they burned five girls alive, one of them is Tibetan. They suffocated a five-year old to death.

Dear me!

My friend works at a hospital.

Dear me!

My news are not from the government sources.


武警被杀的好惨, 肠子流了一地, 抢都抢不回来.
A police was killed by mobs, and his intestines scattered about everywhere, his mates didn’t even have a chance to collect them.

我还是去森林里去当野人吧!!! 人类社会太让人伤心了… 太让人伤心了…
I would rather be a wild man in forest!!! Human society makes me so disillusioned… I’m so disillusioned…

我大大小小碰到四五次骚乱, 差一点就完了.
I encountered four or five riot incidents all together, I was nearly done for.

I was thinking to give you a call.

他们拿的刀足有一米长. 还有斧头. 还????和平抗议, 扯. 还有被打瞎眼, 割了耳朵的. 有点像日本人.
They carried knives up to a metre long. And they carried hatches too. They say it’s peaceful protests, bullshit. Some people permanently lost them eyesight as the result of the assault, and others got their ears cut off by the mobs. They behaved like Japanese during the World War II.

You know I have many Tibetan friends in Lhasa, but if you were killed, I would cry my heart out.

我的伤是小事, 人道是大事, 不分民族, 我从来没有这样的愤怒过.

Whether I’m hurt is a small matter. Humanity is a big principle, that is universal to all people regardless of their ethnicity. I'd never been so angry like this time.

I have to think about that, I may be too naive.

你知道吗, 出事以后我有60个小时没有睡觉. 不是你幼稚, 是他们的迷惑性太强了. 我也是被他们迷惑过. 不是亲眼所见, 简直是不能想像, 听(着)都不像在文明社会.
Tell you what, after the riot, I wasn't able to sleep for 60 hours. It is not that you are naive, it is because those people are two-faced and too cunning. I had been deceived by them too. Had I not seen it with my own eyes this time, I would not believe such things could occur, I would not even be able to imagine it. It doesn’t sound like something that would happen in the 21th century.

这几天一直在网上和汉族吵架. 还写了很多帖子。我现在在想,我也是受情绪支配。并不全面。
I had been fighting with Han Chinese for the previous few days. And I've written many posts. Now I think I was over emotional, I didn’t know the whole story.

这一次我也重新认识了我们军警. 真是够能忍的, 听(说)是拿着盾牌顶着, 最后连盾牌都(被打)烂了.
I've also had a new understanding of our police. They are so restraint. I heard they only used shields to protect themselves, and their shields were eventually smashed into pieces by the mobs.


I don't know what to say.

你知道CNN和BBC的照片是怎么做的吗. 我可是知道了.
Do you know how CNN and BBC manipulate the photos? I know now.

I don’t know.

原版的照片他们发到网上, 然后这些国外媒体把它裁了, 比如说有一张照片是左(右)边一群人拿着石头, 右(左)边是军车, 他们就把左(右)边裁了, 别有用心. 这些照片我是都见过的, 是想像的, 外国人也是弱智. 我不想改变别人的想法, 但我要把事实告诉你. 看西藏卫视.
They only show the public part of the image with police truck but not the portion with the mobs hurling stones at the truck. I've seen those photos, all are in their imaginations. Some Westerners don’t seem to have their brains. I have no intention to change other people’s view point, I just want to tell you the truth. You can watch the Tibetan TV to learn the true stories too.

恩. 我心里想这些就很难受. 战争对谁都不好. 我不相信别人说的这些,电视台说的我都不相信,你说的我信..
Humm.. I feel terrible. War is bad for everyone. I wouldn’t believe these stories if they were told by other people, and I certainly wouldn't believe these stories if they were told by TV stations. But I believe you..

You are so wretched now.

恩. 老了嘛.
Humm. I’m getting old.

我更老. 因为我新(清)眼所见, 所以我可以告诉你中国台放的基本是事实. 看来你和他们走的太近. 还是有点距离好, 这样可以看的更清楚. 我正是太近了, 所以蒙蔽了我的眼. 算了不说了, 伤心.
I’m even older. But since I have personally witnessed these crimes, I can tell you that what showed on Chinese TV are quite factual. I think you've got too close to those people. Better to keep some distance from them, so you can see their true colour. I used to get very close to them to, so I couldn't see through them. I don’t want to talk about this any more, it's just too heartbreaking.

Comments on the Post:

You should thank your friend, otherwise, you idiot would just be a diehard Tibet Independent Movement nut.

为无辜的死难者默哀. 那些使用暴力的人, 就要用法律来对待. 政府的作用就是用来对付极端分子的~~~~ 本不该让他们胡闹成这样。极端分子就是应当待在监狱里反思他们做人的原则。
I mourn the innocent victims. As for those who committed violent crimes, they should be dealt with according to laws. One of the responsibilities of government is to contain extreme elements in the community~~~~ They should not be allowed to fool around like this in the first place. The militant extremists must be locked up in jails.

暴徒不是都牛仔裤耐克慢跑鞋了么, 怎么暴徒行径却象在原始社会.
The mobs are all in fashionable jeans and Nike runners, how come they behaved like barbaric savages as if they were still living in the stone age.

最近,在天涯看了一个MM写的故事。她到西藏旅行,遇到一个小喇嘛,并相爱的故事,他们的爱很纯,很深,小喇嘛信仰也很高尚,他们很矛盾。故事的真假我不知道,MM的文笔很好,我都要感动了。看那小喇嘛行动挺自由的,可以到外面回女朋友。平时那些喇嘛在干什么的?有人从拉萨旅游回, 讲的情况跟你朋友说的差不多了. 可恨是ZF还要警察打不还手, 奴才. 还有ZF的宣传处理方法也很刻板, 也很SB. 西方媒体的恶意也表现的很充分.
Recently, I read a Han girl’s story posted on Tianya. She went traveling in Tibet and met a young lama. Subsequently, they fell in love, that kind of pure and deep love. The little lama seemed to be quite noble, and they didn’t know what to do with their relationship. I don’t know if the story is true, but she wrote well and it almost touched me. It looks the young lama is quite free to do whatever he likes, and he can even go out to date his girlfriend. I wonder what they normally do. I know a man who has just returned from Lhasa, and what he told us is very similar to what Lee said. I feel angry why Chinese government and police who refused to use force to deal the violent mobs. Don’t they have spine and guts. And the government did a bad job in handling the press too. On the other hand, the Western media has fully demonstrated its malicious intent towards Chinese.

I think to allow press to report is important, otherwise the misunderstanding could only run deeper.

(The original text in Chinese was posted on an overseas Chinese website

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Three complete human skins, one from an adult, two from children, made in Tibet and now preserved at Tibetan Museum

The hand of this Tibetan herdsman was chopped off by his slave-owner for the crime of taking food without permission.

Pity, he doesn't have a hand to handle the case that challenges to the conscience of the world.

The eyes of this Tibetan slave was scooped out by his master for the sin, presumably, of seeing something he was not allowed to see.

Regrettably, he lost all his ability to observe if the human rights is respected in anywhere in the world.

A: I beg your sacred pardon, Sir, is Tibetan Lamaism a genuine branch of Buddhism?

Q: How dare you should ask such an unholy question, listen, I'm not going to answer it. All I can tell you is the genuine Buddhists will never be part of the so-called "Shambhala Jihad" aiming at destroying Muslims and all other none-believers physically and spiritually in the 24th century or any other time in past future or futuristic past.


Myth and Reality of Tibet

by elle

Tibet has been a part of China ever since in 1239, when the Mongols began creating the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). This was before Marco Polo reached China from Europe and more than two centuries before Columbus sailed to the New World. True, China's hold on this area sometimes appeared somewhat loose, but neither the Chinese nor many Tibetans have ever denied that Tibet has been a part of China from the Yuan Dynasty to this very day.

When the Yuan Dynasty collapsed, it was replaced by the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Although the Ming court conferred the honorific title of Desi (ruling lama) to the head of one of Tibet's most powerful family, they also bestowed enough official titles to his subordinates. One of these titles was given to the head of the newly founded Gelugpa sect, better known as the Yellow sect. He later took on the title "Dalai Lama."

All successive reincarnations of the Dalai Lama have been confirmed by the central government in China, and this has become a historical convention practiced to this very day.

[Under the reign of Dalai Lama], the largest part of the Tibetan population (more than 90 percent) was composed of serfs, who were treated harshly by the landlords and ruling monks. All monasteries had large tracts of land as well as a great number of serfs under their control. The ruling monks' exploitation of these serfs was just as severe as that of the aristocratic landlords.

Serfs had no personal freedom from birth to death. They and their children were given freely as gifts or donations, sold or bartered for goods. They were, in fact, viewed by landlords as "livestock that can speak."

The Embodiment of Conscience 'n' Human-Rights

The Embodiment of ... What?

What is shown in the image is the correspondence between 14th Dalai Lama's government/religion offices in 1950s:

To Tedao Chief,

For a ritual of praying for the longevity of Dalai Lama (14th), everyone in Xiami monastery must keep chanting Ferocious Mantra for Feeding the Spirits. In addition, to ensure the accomplishment of the ritual, we need following items:

One fresh human intestine, two human heads, certain amount of animal and human blood, and a complete human skin, please forward them to this office without delay.


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