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Items to Keep Away from Home
- A Fengshui Tip

3 March 2008

From a fengshui point of view, our tangible world is formulated by qi, and qi is the intangible force in the universe which is swayed by our thoughts and emotions. On the other hand, as the tangible world is formed by harnessed qi, it is relatively stable and frames hurdles and channels to shape the flow of the highly fluent and volatile information energy. In this regard, it is recommended to think beyond the functional and visual representations when decorating your home or office, and take into account the effects that the physical world would have on the content quality and flowing pattern of qi. Below are few items among many that are identified by some Chinese fengshui fans as better to keep away from our immediate environment:

1) Ancient coins

In old days, coins were frequently used by shamans to mediate communications between our yang world and the yin world. If the coins in your collection were used as such, they could become magnets that draw a large number of yin beings to your home.

2) Old clothing with unknown origin

Nothing would absorb more personal qi from a particular human being than his/her garments. For clothing worn by someone during his/her dying days, the information energy associated to decay and death will be overwhelmingly strong and intense.

3) Animal fur and human hair

They were organic parts of the living beings, therefore contain the whole set of information corresponding to the mental and emotional states of the animal that is killed or the person who might be victimized.

4) Thorny plants

Although this type of plantation is easy to manager, fengshui regards thorny and prickly plants as ominous as they attract aggressive and violent energies. Traditionally in China, they are only used to ward off the threatening qi in a time of disaster.

5) Think curtain

Think curtains would stop light, that transmits yang qi - the nurturing force of human lives, from entering the room. In a place where the yang qi is weak, the yin qi grows, and the beings dwelling in the yin world would thus fill the space (and that explains why we only see ghostly beings in dim or dark areas).

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A Brand New Starting Point

On 26 September, 2006, the zero-likometer sign was installed on the ground before the Due Yang Gate (正阳门) in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, formally marking it the centrepoint of China.

(Source of the original photo: 孺子拓荒,


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