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A Mysterious Hill Painting

4 March 2008

Can you see what’s in the pic? Yeah, a mythical creature of celestial origin qilin (Chinese version of unicorn with multiple corns, so let‘s call it multicorn), and a warrior wearing a feather adorned crown.

So you see it and believe it is an archaic rock painting done by ancients or aliens. But hang on, it’s not a rock painting. If you want to see the real thing for yourself, you’ll have to start training and saving by now, so one day you can aboard a spaceship to watch the earth from the heaven and appreciate this giant artwork.

The first person who realised we have this sky proportion message to outer space on Mt. Mengding (蒙顶山), in Famous Hill County (名山县), of Sichuan province, is Chinese man Xie Qiang (谢强). One day Mr Xie downloaded Google Earth to view his homeland and was reportedly attracted to the lines of the ridges and villages of the mountain uncannily reminiscent of a human face. When he zoomed out the map display, what presented before his mortal eye was the image shown in the picture which covers an area of 40 square kilometres .

According to Mr Xie, the best position to appreciate this hill paining is in the air 20,000 to 30,000 metres above the ground.

By now, Mr Xie is dying to know who created this? And when? And how? And why? And he is also allegedly pondering the big question that what is the relationship between this image and other mysterious occurrences along the 30 degrees north latitude.

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