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A Taiwan Netizen's View on Tiananmen Incident

4 June 2008

The following is the translation of the excerpt of an online article and part of its original Chinese text posted last year by Taiwan Chinese YST:

One day in June 18 Years ago, I watched television news and saw a group of guys on Beijing street - who were not students - threw a quilt soaked in oil onto a wheeled armoured car and set it alight. A soldier inside was forced to abandon his vehicle but beaten to death by the surrounding mobs.

This happened before June 4, and I can responsibly tell everybody, that the episode like this could only happen in China to PLA, but will never occur in any Western country to their military forces, especially not to U.S. armies. Why? Take an U.S. soldier, he would fire his machine gun on the crowd long before anyone has a chance to approach his armoured vehicle. To be frank, this is the first time when I witnessed how the PLA observed their high discipline.

From what I learned in the news, Beijing at the time was virtually paralyzed: schools and factories stopped running, the railway at Wudaokou near the Tsinghua University was under the control of the students who scrutinized every passenger; the gates of Zhongnanhai where China's central government situates were all blocked by the protesters, and the top authority had to rely on the military underpass to communicate with the world outside; there were slogans on the streets calling to bring down the Government; a Chinese version of the U.S. Statue of Liberty was raised; CNN broadcast the events from a building near the Square to the world 24 hours a day; and the White House even sent a CIA chief to Beijing as its ambassador which was pathetically accepted by then China's Party chief Zhao Ziyang. Any fool would be able to see that under such circumstances, without military interference, China would fall apart and split into pieces, because there was strong foreign presence behind the whole incident, and talks between the students and the Government would bear no fruit.

The student leader Chai Lin later admitted that she did not want to end the protest before the blood was spilled. She certainly has achieved her goal. But the blood spilled wasn't hers - she promptly and safely escaped to the United States as pre-arranged.

According to the statement of another protest leader, a Taiwan signer, a number of people lost their lives in the event, but no one died on the Tiananmen Square; yet according to Chai Lin, thousands perished there. One of them must be a liar. But regardless of whether anyone died in the Square on June 4, one thing is beyond dispute: Chinese Government declared martial law and repeatedly urged the protesters to leave the premises on June 3 - therefore to drive the protesters off the Square on June 4 is entirely lawful. It is in start contrast to what the U.S. Government did during Kent State University protest in May 1990 in which police opened fire on the protesters on May 4, while declared martial law afterwards on May 5.

Amazingly no Western media has ever condemned U.S. Government for its crackdown on the protesters in Kent State University, nor did that small group of Chinese who shed their tears yearly for the failed Western attempt to split China and return it into the puppet state of the West. Which reflects sharply on the unjustified approach by the Western media that is still a tool for the Western crusade, and undignified stance of those Chinese who are still unable to stand on their own feet.

Fortunately, the vast majority of people in the mainland have learned a valued lesson from the Tiananmen incident, and no longer believe the Western propaganda. What's more, a great number of Chinese have also come to a realization that the Western-style "democracy" is in fact poison to China.

十八年前,我亲眼在电视转播上看到北京民众(不是学生)把燃烧的棉被放在一辆轮式装甲车上,一名士兵受不了高温和烟熏从装甲车中跳出来,结果这名士兵被群众活活打死。这是在6月4日以前发生的事。我可以很清楚的跟各位说,这种事只可能发生在解放军身上,绝不可能发生在任何号称有民主和人权的西方国家的军队身上,台湾人崇拜的美军尤其不可能。在这种情形下美军的机枪早就扫射过去了,美军不可能让任何群众接近,甚至还让他们把燃烧物放到车顶上威胁自己的生命,绝对没有这种可能。这是我第一次亲眼目睹解放军的纪律。什么叫纪律?这就是纪律,解放军的领导在那天一定有什么特殊规定,士兵忠实执行,不敢违背。YST 是当过兵的人,由心底发出敬佩。不简单。开什么玩笑?没有铁的纪律不可能做到。

事实上,我看到的讯息是北京在5月学校停课、工厂停工,到了五月底,全城看不到一个警察,所有社会体制和秩序都已经瘫痪,五道口的火车通道已经被学生控制,每天二十四小时由学生上车检查来往的旅客,中南海的进出口已经被学生完全封锁,最高当局只能藉助战备地道来与外界联系,情势的发展与文化大革命爆发的模式几乎一模一样。北京的学生不是台湾人想象的那么简单,厉害的哪。YST 希望大陆的读者可以对上面的描述加以证实或否定。

我能确认的讯息是,「打倒李鹏伪政权!」的口号都叫出来了,中国版的自由女神也竖立起来了,CNN 作二十四小时全球实况转播,老布什总统在5月派遣中央情报局的李洁明来北京做美国驻华大使,赵紫阳居然也同意了。这就够了。傻瓜也知道中共政府如果不用军队镇压一定导致国家分裂。为什么?因为有外国势力在学生后面,水涨船高,任何谈判是不可能有结果的。





我非常肯定大陆人学到了(their lesson),因为他们不再追悼过去,不再听信西方的鬼话,吵闹什么民主与人权,而是大步向前走,拼命发展和建设。这就是大乱之后的大治,高效率的快速建设令西方国家非常害怕。

今天美国电视上,一提到天安门事件,立即就会播放出一个手提包裹的学生,阻挡四辆开进天安门广场的坦克车。 电视宣传说: 「这是人类良知与勇气,在向无情的国家机器挑战。」 他们又怎能想到中国人民解放军,本就是来自人民。 常去大陆的人一定见过,每到农忙时节,就会看到光背赤脚的解放军们在田间帮忙的景色。 当一个手无寸铁的学生要阻挡坦克车时,人民解放军除了偏让外又会做什么呢? 这张照片正说明了中国的军民本是一家人。

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June 4, A CIA's Failed Flag Revolution in China

When on that morning (a day leading up to June 4, 1989) I saw a group of college students protesting against the Government waved the U.S. national flags with the stars and stripes painted on bedsheets, and blocked the path of a group of demonstrators who carried Chinese national flags, I suddenly woke up to the true nature of this "pro-democracy" movement, and realized that we had fallen into a trap set up by the U.S., and that if Chinese Government could not take strong measures to stop this farce, China would certainly become a failed state and fall apart.



- by a Chinese Netizen 七色银河


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