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Is Tibetan Lamaism Buddhism? (16)
The Shambhala War

19 June 2008

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In the world of the Shambhala Kingdom, people are divided into two camps: friends and foes. According to the depiction in the Kalachakra Tantra, the last Shambhala King Rudra Chkrin the Angry Wheel Turner will one day ride a white horse, hold a long lance and lead an enormous army on hundreds of thousands of elephants and millions of horses charging into the territory of barbarians. Here all credibility that Lamaism is part of a peace loving Buddhism has gone out the window, as the most prestigious text in the Lamaism - Kalachakra Tantra - has provided an indisputable testimony to the inconsolable difference between the two.

With an insuppressible urge to wipe out non-believers and those who believe differently, Kalachakra Tantra devotes a large amount of space to explain how to use weapons of mess destruction to slay the enemies of Lamaism.

One of such weapons is called “Wind Machine” which is capable of flying into enemy territories and pouring down hot oil to burn enemy soldiers.

Another is called “Land Sword”. Anyone who dares to break into Shambhala king's palace will be chopped into pieces by this killing machine.

Then there is one dubbed Arrow Machine, which is said to be rather similar to today's machine gun and can shoot arrows continuously to penetrate into any thick armour targets.

A weapon in the form of a spinning wheel allegedly can cut off a large number of human heads in one go, and some Tibetan lamas claim this is in fact an UFO with nuclear warhead.

According to Kalachakra Tantra, by the time Angry Wheel Turner ascended the throne, the humanity has lost morality that results a bad karma in the forms of natural disasters, epidemic and wars, with barbarians occupying the whole planet including Shambhala Kingdom. This is the end of the world, the Tantra warns .

The following passages are from the writings by Nicholas Roerich, the founder of Banner of Peace and a strong believer of Shambhala myth:

“The fate of Shamabhala’s enemies are destined to be miserable. Rudra Chakrin (Angry Wheel Turner, the last Shambhala king) will lead Shambhala’s warriors armed with swards and lances chasing them to the end of the world until their bodies and weapons and assets scattered across the battlefields. Their leader will fall under the Rudra Chakrin’s horse, dead; some of the enemy soldiers are still alive and beg for mercy, others try to flee on elephants. But there is no use, as Shambhala canons can bring down any city walls, and all enemies will be chopped into pieces. The darkness will have to be destroyed.”

The so-called darkness is a term used by Tibetan Lamas to refer to non-believers of Lamaism, in particular muslims who are also called Mleccha (for people of Mecca) and considered barbarians by Kalachakra Tantra, with Muhamd and Allah mentioned as the leaders of enemies. Thus it is not surprising when the main theatre of impending Shambhala War is said to be located in the Islamic belt, from Afghanistan across Iran to Turkey.

To Tibetan Lamaists, the Shambhala War will be the WWW III, and the WWW III will be a final showdown between black and white, with black represents Islam world and white stands for Lamaism. After that holy war, the planet will be like a "Garden of Eden" ruled by the conquerors - Tibetan Lamas - in all aspects, be it religion or politics, just like what happened under the reign of Dalai Lama in Tibet before he fled to the West. It will be a heaven on Earth - for Tibetan Lamas, of course.

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