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Is Tibetan Lamaism Buddhism? (14)
The Secret Rituals

14 June 2008

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There are 15 levels of abhisheka ritual with Kalachakra. While seven entrance level rituals are openly presented to general public, the more advanced ones only conducted in secret.

Before the ritual, a disciple is required to take a solemn vow promising he will unconditionally obey his master. By the end of the Kalachekra ritual on the 7th level, the master has dissolved the unique personalities of the disciple and transformed him into a robotic being subjected to the force of the male time god Kalachakra and its female companion Vishvamara.

Once undertaking the Kalachakra ritual ceremonies, lama practitioners have become part of this time god. The higher the ritual level, the greater the authority that a participant has gained in the Lamaist world, which is set up like a giant invisible pyramid, with people at the lower levels serving as the extension of those on higher levels, and all the powers converged to one person sitting at the top of the pyramid.

When more advanced rituals reserved for the Lamas at the top of this strict hierarchical world take place, the extreme measures are implemented to ensure the true nature of the rituals not to be exposed before public.

Why is it necessary then? Because behind closed doors are the scenes of group sex, involving girls at the age of 12 or 16 or 20 who are called “wisdom women”, and of feast on human flesh and waste.

Dalai Lama once claimed that his sexual organ is a useless instrument. He must be kidding, otherwise, either he lied about his sexual activities or his followers have been untruthful about the state of his enlightenment. Because Kalachakra Tantra, the holiest among all holy Lamaist tantras, has plainly pronounced that supernatural power associated with the enlightenment can not be acquired through meditation or mantra chanting, nor does it come from Mandala's power or Buddha’s bless. It can only be gained through engaging wisdom women. [1] In other words, without making love with women, enlightenment can never be achieved, for lamas, to say the least.

Thus, as it is revealed, during the rituals of 9th level or higher, a master lama would collect from a girl's body the mixed juice of his and that of the girl, and ask his disciple to taste it [2], or directly feed his wet organ into his disciple's mouth [3].

In the top four levels of Kalachkra rituals, the number of "wisdom women" presented increases to ten, and the girls are said to be, in real life or more often by assumed name, the mother, wife, sister, daughter and other close female relatives of the disciple. When the master lama makes lover to one of the girls, the rest would be arranged to stand naked in a ring watching with their hair disheveled, each holding a human skull in one hand and a hatch or knife in another. The master would ask his disciple to sex with the girl, and with all other women, and the group sex carries on from midnight until the sunrise.

Coupled with the weird sexual practice, in the rituals lama disciples are also ordered to consume the bizarre food, consisted of five kinds of meat (including dog meat and human flesh), and five kinds of fluid, (including human blood, sperm and menstruation). [4]

The site selection for the top level rituals also reflects typically their dark shamanic nature. According to Hevajra Tantra, the rituals must be held in graveyard, or ruin site or deep in mountain ranges, with nine seats made of body parts of corpses, tiger skin and rotten shroud, and food from the sources that include mouth water, nasal mucus, tears, faces, urine, human fat, human bone marrow, human liver, human blood, human skin, human intestine and, of course, human flesh. The fresh flesh from a man reincarnated into the human realm for seven consecutive times is particular sought after. A man as such has seven shadows - Kalachakra Tantra claims. And the tantra further advises the lama practitioners: When you see such man, go beg him to have himself killed so his flesh and blood and skull and internal organs can be made into wonder drugs and miracle instruments which can help you to be elevated up in the air.

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Full text in original Chinese language at be viewed at

Hi, Dalai Lama, Your Holiness, with the soaring price of air travel, I would love to be elevated from the ground and tour the world through the air myself, but I don’t know who has seven shadows.

However, I trust you have been magnificently reincarnated as lama for 14 consecutive times, or so claimed by yourself and some of your Tibetan and many of your Western followers, therefore I reckon the wonder drug made of your flesh shall be twice as powerful as that from a man with seven shadows. Now, please allow me to follow the holy advice of the Kalachakra Tantra, and beg you to sacrifices yourself for helping me and many many others to be elevated onto a high level. Thanks in keen anticipation of your holy contribution to the world (in particular China’s) peace.

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