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New archaeological excavation in China

5 June 2008

A Most Intricate Tomb Unearthed

An ancient Chinese grave built about 1,700 years ago with the most intricate tomb structure discovered so far for the tombs during that period was excavated Monday, 2 Juan, at Ezhou (鄂州) in Hubei Province.

The graves of that time usually are 5 to 7 metres in length, but this one - consisted of a front hall, two back rooms, a couple of corridors and five storage - is measured at 8 metres long, 6 metres wide with a total floorspace over 50 sqms.

It appears that the owner of this spectacular brick grave was an important figure, most likely a military general, in his time. (Source: 何建萍, 中国经济网)

Ancient Chinese Coins Unearthed

About 6,000 coins with an image of a ghostly face carved on dated back to the Warring States era (450 BC-220 BC) were unearthed on 31 May at Taihu County (太湖县) in Anhui Province. These so-called "devil face coin" (鬼脸钱) was used as currency in Chu Kingdom (楚国).

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