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Chinese Kids Mourn their Lost Loved Ones

3 June 2008

Yang Jie (杨杰) is only 17, and since 12 May, he traveled 60 kilometres each day between a hospital where he was treated and his home village in Shenfang that was ruined by the earthquake.

On that fateful afternoon, Yang was working at a restaurant in a town, and instead of fleeing the quake zone to a relief centre, he returned to his village.

What he saw was their three roomed house has been leveled to the ground. He then rushed to his father's workpalce, a factory, and found it was also turned into a ruin site with countless people trying to find their loved ones in rubble.

The PLA arrived at the scene promptly and a number of people buried were rescued, but there was no trace of his father, who brought him up since he lost his mother.

Soon he fell ill, running high fever, and was hospitalised, but which could not stop him from searching for his father. He kept returning to the factory site and examined over 80 corpses to identify his dad.

"I will not give up," he reportedly told those who tried to make him consider the fact that he may never been able to know for sure whereabouts of his father, "because he's my father, and I'm his son."

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This group of kids have dug the school bags from the rubble of their collapsed lecturing building and placed them around a tombstone they installed in the school yard to memorise their best mates died in the quake.


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