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Chinese Kids During Big Disaster

1 June 2008

"I returned to the classroom to help my classmates to run out of the building."

On 12 May, 9-year old tiny boy Lin Hao (林浩) fled his classroom that was about to collapse in the quake, but returned inside for several times to help his classmates. Two kids have been saved by him, but he has injured his little arm.

He Cuiqing (何翠青) in her hospital bed smiles at the visitors

On 12 May, this 13-year old junior high student just walked out of her school dormitory when the quake struck. Instead of running away, she returned to the building to wake up the girls still taking a lunchtime nap. As she stayed behind trying to help as many kids as possible to escape, she was eventually buried in rubble for 50 hours and was the last student there to be rescued. Consequently, she lost her right leg. When asked if she regretted what she did, she sobbed, but replied firmly, "No, I only regret I wasn't able to save more lives."

13 May, kids at a Shaanxi quake relief centre set up in a high school campus enjoy their free lunch

18 May, at a quake relief centre in Maocheng city, a little girl helps a granny to climb a step

18 May, a group of village kids deliver drinking water to Uncles PLA

20 May, kids from Taian Village in Dujiangyan attend "Tent School" organised by Uncles PLA

20 May, two high school students from Shenfang County Town prepare for the impending college entrance exams under lamppost at a quake relief centre

21 May, kids in the disaster area express their gratitude to the military trucks carrying relief goods to the quake victims by displaying signs on roadside, that read: "Thanks for your hard work (你们辛苦了)

23 May, in a Sichuan quake relief centre, one boy plays paper airplane and the another watches him playing while sucks his instant noodle

29 May, a little girl at a village quake relief centre accompanies her mum to fetch fresh water at a water station

29 May, a boy at Sichuan Jiangyou quake relief centre for Zhonghe village assists his mum cooking meal

29 May, a boy at a relief centre for the residents from Beichuan old county town, that has now been entirely buried under the earth, carries bricks to pave a public walking trial

(Source of info & original photos: 韩传号, 姜帆, 李刚, 陶明, 岳月伟, 丁海涛, 官国平, 朱峥, xinhuanet, CCTV)

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Congratulation to Chinese Kids on International Children's Day

It is alleged that on June 1, 1925, Chinese consul-general gathered a number of Chinese orphans to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival - a traditional festival originated in China that pays tribute to patriotic Chinese poet Qu Yuan drowned at a river - thus June 1 has become the Children's Day in China and a number of countries.

But a more credible opinion attributes its origin to a women's conference in Moscow in November 1949 which called on a world attention to children's welfare.


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