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Is Tibetan Lamaism Buddhism? (12)
The Kalachakra Tantra

12 June 2008

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Kalachakra Tantra, the last Tantra in Tibetan Lamaism, is produced in the 10th century, representing the highest teaching in Lamaism. Tson-kappa (1357-1419), the founder of the Yellow Sect , which Dalai Lama belongs to, once stated that anyone who understands Kalachakra would have no difficulties to comprehend all other holy Lamaist text.

Although every Lama sect is allowed to practice Kalachakra teaching, only a handful top-ranking lamas have a right to hold highly elaborate Kalachadra rituals. In Yellow Sect, for instance, just Dalai and Penchan have such privilege.

There are two kinds of Kalachakra rituals: one to accommodate general public, and one reserved for high-ranking lamas. Put this way, everyone can participate in a public ritual which virtually reveals nothing about the true nature of the kalachakra Tantra, but only a selected few will ever be invited to learn whole Kalachakra concept and practice. Yet according to what is claimed in the Tantra, without completing the secret Kalachakra training, a lama practitioner will have no chance to achieve a final enlightenment.

In recent years, Dalai Lama has frequently hosted public rituals of Kalachakra, and promised that people who attended the rituals formed a close bound with Lamaism and that those who are particularly sincere would have a chance to be reborn into a future world called Shambhala, therefore the rituals have greatly promoted the world peace and the liberation of the humanity. Well, indeed, according to what is stated in Kalachakra Tantra, that very Shambhala world will be ruled by Tibetan Lamas with all other religions and civilisations ceased to exist.

Broadly speaking, Tibetan Lamaism's Tantras can be divided into three categories: Father Tantras for spirit transformation; Mother Tantras for yin-yang double cultivation and Genderless Tantras that are aiming at helping lama practitioners to obtain an eternal state in which they have been both liberated (Nirvana) and become liberators (a world creator). And Kalachakra is categorised as a genderless one.

Kalachakra Tantra, again, can be divided into three parts.

The External Part explains the process of world creation and development, and predicts its future and the final ending, which is the base for Tibetan calendar.

The Internal Part describes the mysterious energy hubs within human body, and the secret channels that connect the hubs.

The Transforming Part illustrates how the Internal System within human body is linked to the External System of the universe, and teaches how to influence the external world through manipulating the internal world.

For a thousand years ever since Kalachakra Tantra was written, the top-ranking lamas have tried hard to hide the true nature of the Kalachakra from the public, claming that only those who have received Kalachakra percepts in a secret ritual are allowed to read the text. Harsh warnings are frequently issued that the publication of its text will result a very negative consequence for the Lamaism. [1]

That could be true, though. As nowadays a copy of Kalachakra Tantra can be easily found at library, the public will have a chance to judge Lamaism accordingly.

[1] Lharampa Ngawang Dhargyey: A commentary of the Kalachakra Tantra, New Delhi 1985)

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