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Have You Ever Seen A City Like This?

6 June 2008

Ever Imagine a bustling modern metropolitan with about 600,000 residents suddenly becomes so quiet with all the people missing?

This is not a plot on a movie or in a novel but a reality happening in Mianyang.

The residents of Mianyang, said to be the second largest city in China's earthquake hit Sichuan Province, have been entirely evacuated to living in tents on hills as the city faces a real threat of lake burst.





A Chinese Netizen's comment (野路,

If somebody in Mianyang fell into coma for some days then wake up right now and find the city having been turned into a ghost town, imaging how shocked he might be: Gosh, what's happened to this world? Am I the only person on the planet?

如果谁不管什么原因先昏睡了几天,然后就在这时候醒过来,上街一看一定会吓死…… 天那怎么啦,地球上就我一人了?

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