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Is Tibetan Lamaism Buddhism? (10)
Yin-Yang Double Cultivation

10 June 2008

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Sex scandal committed by Tibetan lamas, sometimes involving group sex, sex with minors and incest, can be heard from time to time in the West and in the East. Those who defend the Lamaism tend to put the blame of the crimes on the flawed personalities of the individual lamas, but in reality, conducting sexual activities that defies common-sense morality is not something abnormal in Lamaism, but a vital part of its advanced practice; without it, one can never become a master lama.

Lamaism typically views women as the cause of every illusion and the source of all evils, and believes only after someone successfully places this cause and source under his control, he will then become the master of his world and the world around him. Which is why in Lamaism, the highest cultivation must be conducted through sex, while all other practices and training are just rehearsals for this final climax, as it is clearly stated by the founder of the Yellow Sect Tson-kappa (1357-1419): "On the path to enlightenment, a female companion is indispensable."

Lamaist myth speaks of life being originated through mixing of yang essence from male and yin essence of female. From this regard, if somebody could have both yin-yang essences (Sukra) within him, he would have gained a direct access to the source of life, which will allow him to keep self-renewing and live forever without going through the process of death and reborn [1]. In order to achieve this state of eternity, he must preserve his male essence entirely, while collect female essence from women. [2]

There are three kinds of women that have involved in Lamaist yin-yang double cultivation: Karma Mudra, women with flesh and blood; Inana Mudra, women who exist in a lama practitioner's imagination; and Maha Mudra, women who are produced within a lama's male body.

By making love with a real woman, more often a group of women, a lama practitioner gathers yin essence as a raw material for him to structure an inter female entity within himself. Once he has achieved that, as a bi-sexual being he will be able to replicate the process of world creation thus acquire a power to shape the universe.

[1] Mircea Eliade: Yoga, Unsterblichkeit und Freiheit, Frankfurt 1984
[2] Bhattacharyya: History of tantric religion, Manobar 1982

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