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People Mountain People Sea
Chinese Rise from the Ashes
of the Quake Disaster and Show the World:
We're Still Here Holding Olympic Torch High

2 June 2008

Today no see, tomorrow see; tomorrow see, same see

On Sunday, 1 June, When Olympic Torch ran in Wuhan, the spectacular scene of "people mountain people sea" that was seen in Guangzhou, the capital city of China's southern province Guangdong, was seen again in the capital city of China's inland province Hubei.

As torch watchers occupied every inch of the streets that were on the route of the torch run, the organisers had to change their plan: each torchbearer ran not 200 meters, but 1 metre instead. In short, they ran the torch with their arms not their legs and ran in circles.

(Source of info and photos: 体育周报)

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Wonder if anyone in Wuhan is not on the streets at 11am Sunday, 1 June

A scene of torch run in Wuhan


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