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Higher Beings in Daoist World (1)

17 July 2008

Taoist worldview is very similar to that of Buddhism, believing all manifestations in the universe, tangible or intangible, substantial or abstract, are all derived from our collective or individual mental perceptions, therefore by essence, they are just dreams.

While Daoists focus on making better dreams by ascending to higher realms of existence, Buddhists strive to wake up from the dream state all together by breaking free from the bubble of illusive reality, then if needed re-enter any dreamland in total lucidity and under complete self control.

The following is an unexhausted list of beings higher than human forms in the universe from Daoist observation:

1, Gods:

Three Clarities (至尊三清及诸尊神):

Jade Clarity the Celestial Ruler of Origin (元始天尊玉清大帝),
Superior Clarity the Celestial Ruler of Essence (灵宝天尊上清大帝),
Ultimate Clarity the Celestial Ruler of Virtue (道德天尊太清大帝).

Five Celestial Elders (五老君):

Elder the East Green Soul (简称青灵始老苍帝君),
Elder the South Red Soul (丹灵真老赤帝君),
Elder the Central Yellow Soul (元灵元老黄帝君),
Elder the West White Soul (皓灵皇老白帝君),
Elder the North Black Soul (五灵玄老黑帝君).

2, Heavenly Bodies (天地日月星宸等诸大神)

Four Celestial Monarchies (四御):

Jade Emperor (玉皇大帝),
Purple Emperor of Central Heaven North Pole (中天紫微北极大帝),
Yellow Earth Heavenly Emperor (勾陈上宫天皇大帝 ),
Back Earth Heavenly Emperor (后土皇地只)

Twelve Stars (五星七曜星君):

Wood Star (Jupiter) (五星为岁星木星),
Fire Star (Mars) (荧惑星火星),
White Start (Venus) (太白星金星),
Dragon Star (Mercury) (辰星水星),
Guardian Star (Saturn) (镇星土星);

Celestial Pivot of Big Dipper (第一天枢),
Celestial Spiral of Big Dipper (第二天璇),
Celestial Centre of Big Dipper (第三天玑),
Celestial Power of Big Dipper (第四天权),
Celestial Balance of Big Dipper (第五玉衡),
Celestial Right of Big Dipper (第六闿阳),
Celestial Radiate of Big Dipper (第七摇光).

Six Southern Stars (南斗六星君 ):

Southern Star of Celestial Destiny (第一天府宫:司命星君),
Southern Star of Celestial Fortune (第二天相宫:司禄星君),
Southern Star of Celestial Longevity (第三天梁宫:延 寿星君),
Southern Star of Celestial Supporter (第四天同宫:益算星君),
Southern Star of Celestial Rescuer (第五天枢宫:度厄星君),
Southern Star of Celestial Pro-life (第六天机宫:上生星君).

Twenty-eight Major Starts (四灵二十八宿):

Green Dragon in East (苍龙东):
Jiao (角)、Hang (亢)、Di (氐)、Fang (房)、Xin (心)、Wei (尾)、Qi (箕)

White Tiger in West (白虎西):
Kui (奎)、Lou (娄)、Wei (胃)、Mao (昴)、Bi (毕)、Zi (觜)、Can (参)

Red Bird in South (朱雀南):
Jing (井), Gui (鬼), Liu (柳), Xing (星), Zhang (张)、Yi (翼)、Zhen (轸)

Black Warrior in North (玄武北 ): Dou (斗), Nie (牛), Nv (女), Xu (虚), Wei (危), Shi (室), Bi (壁)

Higher Beings in Daoist World (2)

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A Celebration of World Interfaith
Interface between faiths

Eminent Chinese Buddhist master Xuecheng (学诚) at the World Conference on Dialogue with His Majesty the King of Spain Huan Carlos. It is a three-days international meeting held since 16 July 2008 in Madrid, Spain, attended by nearly 300 world top religious and social leaders from different faiths and nations.

(Source of info and original photos: 新华社记者陈海通)


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