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A Whale in A Chinese Beach

17 January 2008

At about 3 am on 15 January, lunar 8 December, when some Chinese were busily prepare laba porridge for breakfast, a seventy-year old Chinese fisherman in Fujian Province went to beach in search of seafood for lunch. After strolled about a thousand meters, along, in darkness, a giant sea creature stroke his eye: It was so big that it parked there more like a boat or a rock than a fish.

It was a sperm whale, measures 16 metres long and weighted about 20 tons.

Never encouterd a life so great, in the chilly cold beach, the veteran fisherman froze there, face to face with the whale for a length of time before the whale watcher ran back to his little fisher village reporting the news.

Sperm whales are listed as protected marine species in China. As soon as the news spread around, a rescue team was immediately sent to the scene by the provincial authority. But it was too late, the whale had long died.

Evidently, the giant suffered massive injuries in the open sea and was drifted ashore by the current.

(Source of news: 福州日报, Sourrce of original photo

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