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The Financial Corner
- 5 Dos and 5 Don'ts

11 January 2008

According to the fengshui theory, every household has a wealth corner.

Opinions vary, however, as to where to locate that invisible money printer. But the consensus view identifies the inner left corner (if the door is on the right side) or the inner right corner (if the door is on the left side) as the locality where the secret printer hides.

Some Chinese fengshui experts have further worked out the basic criteria for a quality wealth corner that involves 5 DOs and 5 DONTs.


1, Do make the area constantly bright (财位宜亮), as light reinforces yang qi, and yang qi brings wealth;

2, Do make the area alive (财位宜生), as a lively qi nurtures the seed of auspicious benefit. Introducing plants to the location will be a good start. When choosing plants, there are three things to bear in mind: choose evergreens over deciduous; choose soil-based over water-borne; and choose large leafed over thorny plants;

3, Do frequent the area often (财位宜坐). Good arrangements include to place a dinning table or lounge furniture there;

4, When possible, do put you bed there (财位宜卧). What will be a better way to generate wealth by spending one third of your time printing money notes?

5, Do decorate the area with auspicious items (财位宜吉), as our home deco reflects our inner aspirations, and our aspirations shape our lives.


1, Don’t burden this area with bulky and heavy furniture (财位忌压). We don't want to damage our money printer, do we?

2, Don’t wet this area with a fish tank or other watery objects (财位忌水). Keep electrical appliances away from humidity is a common sense, and this common sense should apply to our precious money printer, should it?

3, Don’t make this area without solid backing (such as having a window or door in the background) (财位忌空). Everyone wants to feel a bit secure in his environment; a money printer too.

4 Don't have a sharp corner confront the area (财位忌冲). We all know how a sharp corner can make us very uncomfortable, so spare a thought for the money printer.

5, Don't mess the area with rubbish (财位忌污). That goes without saying - who likes to work in filthy condition! Do you?

(Reference: 易居网)

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