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A Wedding on the Road to Home

31 January 2008

The biggest annual migration in the world had always caused the biggest headache for people who manage China’s traffic system, but at no time their heads ache so much than this round, as the biggest snow rage in half a century come to storm the railways, highways, waterways and airways, and bring traffics to a stand still. By 30 January, just a week before the biggest festival season in China, Chinese New Year, in Guangzhou area alone, about 800,000 travelers are reportedly held up in the railway stations and on the roads. - Eighty thousand, that can be the entire population of a large metropolis, and picture that everyone in the city stays outside amidst the snow storm!

But not everyone who is kept on the road is glum in the weather that is gloomy. Among the 800,000 stuck on road, there were a couple heading home for a planned wedding. Being unable to arrive there on time, they turned a train carriage they boarded as the wedding hall and invited all passengers to be the witness of their big moment.

(Source of news: 华龙网-重庆晚报, 丁春兰 )

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An ice sculpture in Haerbin, in China's northeast

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