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Wish You Have a Wonderful New Year

6 January 2008

Here are some text messages sent on New Year's Day by Chinese netizens:

祝你在新的一年里一帆风顺, 二龙腾飞 , 三羊开泰, 四季平安, 五福临门, 六六大顺, 七星高照, 八方来财, 九九同心 , 十全十美。

Wish you in the new year: The boat of your life sails smoothly (一帆风顺), your fortune soars aloft like two dancing dragons in the air (二龙腾飞 ),you are at peace like triple goats (三羊开泰 Why goats and why triple? No idea), you are safe during all four seasons (四季平安), you have five essential good lucks come knocking at your front gate (五福临门), you get six cards all with number six (六六大顺 which means encountering no obstacles, experiencing no hassles), you have seven stars shine on your path (七星高照 ), you see wealth flowing to you from all eight directions (八方来财 ), nine hearts forever united as one (九九同心 nine is pronounced as everlasting) and ten aspects in your life are all perfect (十全十美 ten is the number ending the single digits, thus it stands for completion).


Best wishes for you in the coming year: Your boss gives you unqualified support, police let you get your own way, court rules in your favour, your wife allows you to do whatever you like, fortune follows you around, and each time you buy a lottery you win a jackpot.

考试零分叫鸭蛋,做坏事叫坏蛋,脑袋空空叫傻蛋,炒鱿鱼叫滚蛋,呜呼哀哉叫完蛋,蛋太完美叫圆蛋 -- 元旦快乐!

If you are awarded a mark of nought for your exam, Chinese say you get a duck egg (鸭蛋); if you do nasty things, Chinese call you a bad egg (坏蛋); if you are a fool, Chinese label you a silly egg (傻蛋); if you are fired, Chinese describe you as a rolling egg (滚蛋); if you are done, Chinese bemoan you for having finished your egg (完蛋); if an egg is so perfect in shape, Chinese praise it as a round egg (圆蛋) - and happy round egg, happy New Year’s Day (元旦) (New Year’s Day and round egg happen to have the same pronunciation).

祝你天天pretty,时时happy,分分healthy,秒秒lucky,永不lonely,多多money!Happy New Year!

Wish you pretty every day, happy every hour, healthy every minute, lucky every second, never be lonely, lots of money! Happy New Year!

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