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Modern West Greets Traditional East
A Piece of Traditional China in Australia

3 January 2008

Where do you think this corner of traditional Eastern space situated? In China? Sorry, it's not. Welcome to Australia.

Two Australian girls wearing traditional Chinese costume sitting by a pool in a Chinese-style garden at the heart of Sydney.


宝玉:林MM, 云MM,了不得啦,这两个西洋MM诗做得比俺们还好啦!

Chairs that force us to sit upright

Multiple spaces presented when a closed corridor opens up to other areas.

Becoming part of the big picture when indoor spaces integrate into outdoor environment.

New world reveals itself through a decorative window on a solid wall.

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Modern China Greets Traditional China

In 2007, many Chinese girls and boys wearing traditional Chinese costume doing traditional Chinese things in many parts of China.

Adulthood Ceremony

On 16 December, an Adulthood Ceremony in traditional Chinese style was held in Fujian Province (the home province of majority residents in neighbouring province Taiwan, including its local chief Chen Shui-bian).

In the background sound of measured music, the new adults made deep bows to their parents, thanking them for raising them up. Reportedly some veteran adult parents were moved to tears by their supposedly spoiled only-child's heartfelt acts.

Wine Ceremony

The members of Association of Traditional Han Dress in Beijing University (北京大学汉服协会) held a traditional Chinese Wine Ceremony (中华传统酒礼) in the campus.

Lunar May Fifth Ceremony

In ancient Han-dynasty capital Xi'an, a group of modern citizens donning ancient Han-style costume held a memorial service paying tribute to a pre-Han poet Qu Yuan (屈原), whose death gave the rise to a thousands-year old dragon boat festival tradition that has now become popular in many parts of the world, from Korea to Australia.


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