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A Recipe of Laba Porridge

14 January 2008


Rice 50g
Millet 50g
Sticky yellow rice 50g
Sticky rice 50g
Sorghum 50g

Red beans 100g
Lotus seeds 100g
Broad beans 100g
Dried longans 100g
Peanuts 100g
Chestnuts 100g
Red jujube 100g

White sugar


1, Soak the lotus seeds in a bowl of water, steam at high heat for 1 hour, take out and draw aside for later use;

2, Peel off the skin of longans and remove the seeds; strip off both outer and inner skins of chestnuts; wash sorghum, red beans, broad beans, peanuts, jujube, rice, millet, sticky yellow rice and sticky rice;

3, Place sorghum, red beans, peanuts and jujube in a pot, cover with water and cook to half tender.

4, Add broad beans, rice, millet, sticky yellow rice and sticky rice into the pot, blend well. After boiling, shimmer in low heat until the nuts become tender;

5, Add steamed lotus seeds and bring to boil. Remove from the fire, add white sugar, ready to serve.

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