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A Celestial Visual Quartet

26 January 2008

Friday morning, 25 January, at around 9am, on her way to work, a resident in the Chinese capital noticed an extraordinary celestial phenomenon in the sky: the sun apparently has clones and appeared with its identical quadruplets.

Eager to share her experience and excitement, she immediately phoned her hubby Mr. Yang who was by then yet to leave for work. When Mr. Yang learned that he could gain free entry to a celestial visual quartet, he grabbed his camera and rushed to the car parking (evidently he prepared to drive to the celestial theatre), where he realised it was a great outdoor performance and he could watch it in convenience and comfort on the doorstep of his own home.

Believed that no one on earth could be bold enough to claim the copyright of the show on the behalf of the sun brothers, Mr. Yang made good use of his camera. By the time he returned home, he recalled later that he could still see the celestial quadruplets through the windows and witnessed how the four gradually faded from the heavenly stage.


The photos were taken by Mr. Yang, of Haidian District, in northwest Beijing, where the so-called China’s Silicon Valley situates.

(Source of news 北京晚报)

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Multiple Expressions of Dao

Dao can not be identified by name, nor can it be obtained through form. It can only be understood by way of reflection and contemplation.

When the same thing acquires different names, it tells how a single manifestation can develop into multiple expressions.

The perfect Dao is of the ultimate simplicity. When it scatters around, spirits are yielded; when it flows along, suns and moons are generated; when it splits apart, Five Agents are formulated, which gives rise to all things in the universe and beyond.

-- by Du Guangting (850~933)




-- 杜光庭《道德真经广圣义》


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