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Top Ten Animals that Touched the Nation

30 January 2008

A Chinese netizen titled "Out Of Topic" (灌水跑题) sometimes ago nominated ten non-human individuals as the top 10 animals that have touched the heart of the nation in 2007.

One of such honourable nominees is an aging dog who used to be a companion to an aging man for 18 years. After the man past away, the dog was heart broken. One day it went to his form master’s bury site and circled the grave twice as its expression of bidding farewell, and then, it did the unthinkable: the dog committed suicide by jumping into a river to seek a reunion with its master in the yin world.


Another nominee displayed a true spirit of mateship. When its friend hit by a car, it rushed to the scene, trying to drag the injured into the safety in the middle of heavy traffic.

Then there was a dog named Wanli who got up early each day, carrying a bamboo basket and helping his 78-year old master to do shopping. Another small doggy would pull his master’s wheelchair all the way to market to sell sausages and candies, and guarded the stall for 9 hours during their working days.


Among them there were two great dog moms. One nurtured an orphan piggy, feeding it milk seven times a day; and the another during a flood season swam 1 kilometre daily to feed her four new-born puppies that she placed in the safe shelter on a small island.

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