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Light in A Dark Cave
- Stories Told by a Young Chinese Monk (14)

22 January 2008

There is a three fold waterfall in the Hatch Hill. Often after a downpour, when a rainbow arcs across the sky, in reflection of the full spectrum sunlight, an aura appears. By then, many people would stand around on rocks watching the so-called "Buddha light".

Next to the waterfall, there is a deep cave with a narrow entrance, once you venture inside, you can easily get lost in that complicated dark region, so the young novices have been repeatedly warned not to get anywhere near the cave. However, No Dust and No Fool still go there to play, and once No Fool foolishly sneaked his way into that secret world. He wasn't able to come out for a long while.

No Dust got frightened and ran back for help. I was so shocked and hurriedly rushed to the scene that I forgot to bring a lantern with me.

When I just squeezed into the cave, I could see my way in faint light that came in from the entrance. But the deeper of the cave I walked into, the darker the world became, and eventually I saw nothing. My feet stepped on rubble, and my hands touched the cold rough surface of the rocks, and my ear registered the sound of cry from No Fool. But I didn’t know how to get there.

Just at that time, my hand accidentally touched my chest and I realised I still have a box of matches in my pocket that I used to light the firewood in the morning.

I carefully fished out the match box and lighted a match, then lighted another match, and then another. The fire flickered, producing a dim illumination, but it helped No Fool to find where I was and we united. Soon we left darkness behind and emerged into the bright sunlight.

Who says the sunlight is the only light that can help us to see our path?

(You can visit Monk No Anger's personal blog to read his original posts in Chinese at "")

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