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Welcome to 2008, An Olympic Year

2 January 2008

The Rat Year begins 7 February 2008 and ends 26 January 2009, with Shu (戊, a yang earth agent) being its Heavenly Stem and Zi (子Rat, a yang water agent) its Earthly Branch. Since the sound code (纳音) for Shuzi (戊子) is Lightening Fire (霹雳火), therefore the most propitious orientation in 2008 is the east represented by Wood in Five Agent.

The eight characters of the beginning of the spring (立春时: 19.03pm Beijing time on 4 February) of the Rat Year (戊子年) is Wood Tiger for month (甲寅月), Wood Dog for day (甲戍日) and Wood Dog for time (甲戍时). It’s a prominent Wood line-up in the Heavenly Stem and a Fire team in the Earthly Branch, which is compatible to the leading agent of the day Wood Dog (wood and earth). Such a celestial and terrestrial formation is clearly in love with Fire, while providing support to Metal, being afraid of Water, harbouring a grudge towards Wood, and promoting Earth as its key mediator (用神).

Above in the sky, the most influential celestial bodies during 2008 are Wood Planet Jupiter (木星) and Earth Planet Saturn (土星). Wood represents the energy that is growing or expanding, while Earth is the force for refinement and order.

According to the theory of the Three-Stage Cycle with Nine-Phrase Sequence (三元九运), we are now at the beginning of the twenty-year period of the eighth phrase (2004-2023), which is characterised with a strong Earth trait of Mountain (艮土) that signifies a dominant masculinity with the east being its lucky direction. As the Earth Rat is in the restraint eighth phrase, it is a year to finetune what has been initiated in the past, in particular 2007.

And all these point to a trend that traditional cultures and values are about to be in for fashion.

According to the Purple Star Astrology (紫薇斗数), in the Rat Year 2008 we have the Celestial Intelligence Star (天机星), the Greedy Wolf Star (贪狼星) and the Great Yin Star (太阴星) in charge respectively of three most important aspects affecting lives on earth: disaster, prosperity and power.

The Celestial Intelligence is a benevolent but restless heavenly body; as it is out there stirring things up and meddling around, a change of direction could occur. When the world economy is concerned, as right now it is at a high note, an alteration may well mean an undesirable downturn. Yet still, it is possible for the Great Yin, the most powerful star in the Purple Star chart, to save the situation through wise intervention by the governmental bodies. In this regard, traditional industries and state owned enterprises could be a big winner.

While 2008 has Greedy Wolf taken care of matters related to prosperity, entertainment and food industries shall do quite well. Considering it is the year for Beijing Olympics, we may have a good reason to expect a bump and enjoyable time ahead.

According to Wonder Void Purple White Flying Star (玄空紫白飞星诀) fengshui theory, in the Rat year 2008, the lucky star One White (一白) is right in the middle of every defined space, while the money star Nine Purple (九紫) is in the southeast direction. Four Green (四绿), the celestial being in charge of the intelligence, is in the northeast corner, which should be a good place to set up your studio or desk if you wish to have your homework or assignments done nicely and efficiently.

The ominous stars in the Nine Palace Chart for the Rat year are Two Black (二黑) for illness located in the northwest, Three Blue (三碧) for discord and legal battles situated in the due West, Seven Red (七赤) for money loss and accident hidden in the southwest, and the most destructive force Five Yellow (五黄) for disasters presided in the due south.

The months that we can look for a smooth run in the year include the lunar third month (Dragon), seventh month (Monkey) and twelfth month (Ox).

On the other hand, lunar second (Rabbit), fifth (Horse), eighth (Rooster) and eleventh (Dog) months may require us to exercise more cautions as Rabbit and Rat impose mutual penalties to one other which could bring set backs and injuries, Horse is in direct conflict with Rat, while Rooster and Dog do not get along well with the ruling star of the year.

As Rat stands for ocean, the yang water, some experts believe we could experience heavy deluges, particularly in the northwest and south of a country or the world, which might be further followed by devastating water-born epidemics.

Nevertheless, most Chinese oracle men (and women) predict that 2008 will be an even better year than 2007 in terms of the world economy in general.

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Hello, New Year's Day

In Chinese, 元 means beginning, and 旦 means day, so the new year's day is called 元旦.

In China, 元 is also a surname, and 旦 can be used as given name, so some Chinese offer you an opportunity to greet them "你好, 元旦" (Hello, New Year's Day), not only on new year's day, but on all other 364 days in a year that are clearly not new year's day.

According to a figure released by Chinese authority, currently there are 618 Mr and Ms New Year's Days in China.


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