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A Gambler's Wife
- Stories Told by a Young Chinese Monk (19)

20 February 2008

Among the incense burners who regularly visit our monastery, there is a woman surnamed Lin. Lin’s husband has six fingers in his left hand which is rather handy when it comes to play a finger-guessing game.

Lin understood that gambling isn’t a good thing to do, but since her husband kept winning, she decided that it might be wise to respect another human being's freedom of lifestyle expression. But later, the championship record holder in finger-guessing broke bone in his left hand, which brought a negative effect to his professional performance. Her husband began to lose money to the point it threatened the financial stability of her family's economy.

At this point, Lin started to feel strongly that her conscience could no longer allow her to continue with business as usual, so she kept coming to our monastery to cry, with many words and lots tears, pressing us to do all we could to help bring an end to the unspeakable sins against her family's prosperity that continued to be committed by her sinister husband.

Both Master Wisdom Follower and Master Wisdom Benefactor felt the situation was rather tricky, for it being someone's domestic affairs, and for Lin's inconsistent attitudes towards her husband's profession.

But eventually, after enduring many words and tears, Master Wisdom Forever decided to visit Lin's family.

Soon after that, Lin returned to the monastery, looked all happy and flowery, saying her husband had quitted gambling.

We asked Master Wisdom Forever what he had said to her husband, the hairdresser of the monastery scratched his hairless head and said, "Nothing, really, I just let her say directly to her husband what she had said to us."

It seems the problem persisted only because she had spent her time and energy on the wrong people.

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A Dog's Passion

Guess who is this hairy guy sitting in the chair before the keyboard viewing a doggy pic on the cyberspace? Tell ya, it’s Soybean, a one and a half-year old doggy.

It is not just her online album “Soybean surfing Internet” that has made her sort of VIP in China, but her passion with Internet surfing. According to her master, whenever she works on the computer, Soybean would make an attempt to climb onto her lap; and whenever she ascends to her master’s lap, the Internet addict doggy would place her both paws on the keyboard while eyes staring at the images on the monitor.

(Source of news and original photo: 南京报业网)

Tailor's Theme Song


A challenge from the baby:

Little Monk, come down here, we shall see who's shorter than who.


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