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A Chinese Netizen on a Showman's No-show Act

16 February 2008

The following is part of the translation and the full original text of an online post penned by a Chinese Net-named No Pen No Name (无笔无名):

I watch movies, and I watch Oscar ceremonies too, but I pay no attention to the names of the film directors, especially when they were displayed in the form of the long and boring foreign code. I watch the Oscar purely for the sake of viewing sexy babes for my visual enjoyment, as for who wins who loses in their acting games, who cares.

But this guy is said to be quite famous in that showing circle, and in fact, very famous. However, before he walked out on the Beijing Olympics, I had no idea he saved Private Ryan and formulated the Schindler's List.

I learned he started his showing career by his killing Jaw, and I heard he imagined out the ET from another planet, but I haven't viewed his other visual fictions that I'm still ignorant about. Of course that won't hurt his reputation as the world renowned showing master.

Since this time he publicly spit upon the Beijing Olympics, I presume he could become even more famous. Some people say it will make Chinese very upset. I don't think so somehow. Regardless of whether this guy possesses a conscience or not, my view he is taking himself too seriously. I'm glad to see him go in fact, so the money that might be wasted on him could be spent on a few more red lanterns. What's wrong with that?

According to the figures released by the UN, in the four years of conflict between the Sudanese government and the rebel forces, about 200,000 people have lost their lives. For this he accused China of not doing enough to end the tragedy. "I find that my conscience will not allow me to continue with business as usual," he says.


Also according to the figures released by the UN, in the four years of direct military invasion and oppressive alien occupation of Iraq by the US led war machine, around 650,000 civilians have lost their lives? [That is three times higher than the death toll in Sudan internal conflict]. How come we'd never heard him resigning from anywhere or boycotting anything? Does he reckon Iraqi's lives are three times cheaper than that of Sudanese?

Beijing 2008 Olympics will certainly take place, and will certainly be a successful one, but that will have nothing to do with Steven Spielberg. After being openly insulted by this guy, I wonder how many people in China would take his shows seriously again?

[It shall be a good news for Chinese film industry and the soul of the 1.3 billion Chinese.]






联合国说,过去四年己经有20万人在达尔富尔冲突中死亡,200万人逃离家园。 所以他就指责中国没有做出足够努力,结束苏丹达尔富尔暴力。进而"我的良心不允许我继续象平常那样工作。" 并强调说"目前,我的时间和精力不能放在北京奥运会的仪式上,而是应该尽全力帮助结束达尔富尔地区发生的难以言状的反人类暴行。"




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