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Olympics Job Opportunities in Beijing

18 February 2008

Beijing Spring 2008 Job Fair held over the weekend offered 30,000 positions, and for the first time, a special section was designated to provide Olympics-related job vacancies which amounted to 4,000. Among them, driver is the most in demand with the highest monthly salary reaching 8000 yuans (about AUD $1,333), according to the local reports.

Other popular Olympics-related positions on the offer include stadium system supporting manager, stadium communications manager, media management assistant, translator and secretary.

With the new Labour Law has been implemented, the popular and tricky clause “salary upon negotiation” disappeared, instead, the payment and other benefits were clearly specified in the advertisements.

It is reported that the first Olympic-oriented job fair for foreign residents will be held on 28 March, offering job opportunities mainly in the areas of international trade and finance.

According to the Olympics Personnel Action Plan (《奥运人才行动计划》), this year in the tourism industry alone, Beijing would need up to 55,000 people to fill in the job vacancies, with translation and interpretation being the most in demand, in particular with regard to those less-popular languages.

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Beijing Para-Olympics Mascot just Released

Beijing Olympics, !

Chinese Kung fu will make special presentation at the Beijing Olympics. Jet Li (李连杰) is honoured to represent the Chinese Kungfu Association (中国武术协会) on the occasion.

On Friday, 15 February 2008, Beijing 2008 Olympics Touch Rally meeting was held in the Fuxi Square (伏羲广场) at Celestial Water City (天水市) in southeast Gansu Province bordering Shaanxi. Fuxi is a legendary figure said to have created the Chinese written language system - Han Characters.

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