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A New Diary
- Stories Told by a Young Chinese Monk (17)

7 February 2008

One day, Monk No Worry’s cousin Mr Qi visited our monastery. Qi is successful in his career but not happy with his life, so No Worry wished Master Wisdom Follower could help him out with his wisdom.

When Mr Qi met Master Wisdom Follower, he fished out a diary from his pocket and recalled all the troubles he had encountered. Wisdom Follower listened quietly, and after Mr Qi finished his complaining, he said to him, “All right, if you stay here tonight, I can help you resolve all these problems tomorrow.” On hearing that, Mr Qi was both surprised and pleased, and left with a trace of doubt in his mind.

That night, Master Wisdom Follower gave me 10 yuans and wanted me to buy a diary book in the town early next morning, which I did. Later when Master Wisdom Follower met Mr Qi again, he handed the diary book to the miserable fellow and said he could find all the solutions to his problems in it.

When Mr Qi opened the diary and found it was blank, he raised his puzzled eyes to view the monk.

Master Wisdom Follower grinned. “Why fill the diary with unhappy notes? We're free to record positive things in it, aren‘t we?” And he stretched out his hand towards Mr Qi, “Give it to me.”

After an initial bewilderment, Mr Qi quickly realised what the monk meant and, laughing, gladly handed his old diary to Master Wisdom Follower.

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