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While Whale Sings, Monkey Talks

10 February 2008

The golden monkey, a species living in the mysterious Shennongjia (神农架) and has been under top state protection in China, is said to be one of the most senior members among the sentient beings on our planet, and believed to have walked side by side with the dinosaurs over hundreds of millions of years ago.

A recently released research by China’s zoologists has revealed that the golden monkey not only has a glorious long history, but developed a sort of civilization marked with a unique language. According to the research report released at the end of January 2008, when a golden monkey shouts “wuka”, it is telling its buddies that the danger is coming; if it voices “gugu”, then our warrior is calling on its comrades to prepare a counterattack against an alien invasion of their sacred territories.

In an environment of dense forest with visual contact severely limited by thick foliages, audio communication becomes paramount for the survival of the species. So far, the researchers have identified and decoded 18 different sounds voiced by the golden monkeys.

The preliminary understanding of the monkey language has enabled Chinese zoologists to gain a better insight into the monkey business, including their daily diet, activity schedules and social structures.

According to the report, a special institution titled "Hubei Province Golden Monkey Protection and Research Centre" has been formally established, which is understood will conduct the scientific researches following the guidelines that are in line with basic human decency and research ethnics, i.e., not to abuse the golden monkeys and kill the golden monkeys and eat the golden monkeys and further drive the golden monkey into extinction.

We forward our best new year wishes to the golden monkeys: May you have a joyful and prosperous Rat Year 2008. Cheers.

(Source of news in Chinese by 刘渐飞)

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Q: "Brother Rat, why do you grow your ears to such a huge size?"

A: "''Cause I wanna appreciate the Whale Song, the song of peace."

Q: "Fool, aren't you! You guys don't need big ears to hear - the whales are screaming aloud at the moment. By the way, I wonder why nobody mentions about Norway? Although they're kind enough to respect our intelligence, but they are equally unkind to our star singers."

A: "You mean to condemn Norway? No way!."



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