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A Seven-year Old IT Master

27 February 2008

His nickname is 牛仔 (Cowboy). He can't ride a horse, and never herd cattle, but he is indeed a boy, and he is very 牛.

How 牛 is he? Put this way, this 7-year old has spent half of his life mucking about computer, and now he's an IT expert.

A grade one student of a primary school in Guangxi province, on the southern tip of China, he's yet to learn how to read a book, but already in the middle of a college level lesson: VB 6.0 Programming Language training.

Let's take a quick glance at his impressive resume.

Work experiences:

2-year old: Play computer games

3-year old: Install Windows 98 / Windows XP

4-year old: Install operating systems in MS-DOS mode

5-year old: Install computer hardware

6-year old: Repair and troubleshooting computers

7-year old: Write computer programs.

8-year old: Oops, that's in future, ask a fortune teller to predict what he will do ...

The highlight of his brilliant chosen career came in November last year around the 7th anniversary of his being, when he helped a college to upgrade computer operating system. Of total 45 computers, he is said to have independently fixed 7 (what a better birthday present, eh?).

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A Shortcut to Become a Master Writer in Foreign Language

At the end of a semester, a teacher at a Sunday Chinese language school asked his students to write a short story in Chinese.

When the teacher marked the assignments, he suddenly cursed angrily.

"What's up?" another teacher enquired.

"This nasty little boy wrote a love story about a prince and a princess."

"So? What's to get angry about?" his colleague didn't see much point.

The teacher rolled his eyes, "Well, okay, you listen, what he has written:

"一个王子遇到了一个公主 (A prince met a princess)。 王子问公主 (The prince asked the princess): '你会说英语吗 (Can you speak English)'。公主说 (The princess said): '会呀 (Yes, I can),' " and the rest of the story containing nothing but the conversation between the two in English.

Baby: In my story, the prince would ask the princess, "Do you like to talk?" The princess would say, "No." So they kept silent, silent, silent, silent, silent ....


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