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Helping Hand from A Handless Man

31 January 2008

Thousands of travelers - most are migrant workers heading home for Chinese New Year holiday, the only time they have a chance to visit their families left behind in villages - are waiting for much delayed trains at Shenzhen railway station in the southern tip of China, suffering from harsh coldness and hunger, while instant noodles at one point sold for 80 yuans a bowl. But not everyone is so heartless, helping hands stretched out to them come from all levels in the community and all walks of life. Among those hands, one is from a man who has no hands, literary.

20-year old Mr Guo, known as “Armless Brother Third (无臂老三)”, use to have hands, but lost both of them in an explosion in a restaurant kitchen where he worked as a chef. Refusing to make himself a burden to his family, he tried to utilize his mouth and reinvent himself as a calligrapher, and eventually is able to make a living by performing mouth-writing at a street corner. Among his patrons, many are migrant labourers.

Now he believed it's time for him to return the favour and, with the help of his parents and friends, had purchased 1008 bags of instant noodles and sent to the passengers stranded by snow in the railway station.

(Source of news: 香港文汇报)

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Snow Storm in China

Snow in a residential area

After years of mild winter weather, the coldest Chinese New Year in 50 years has arrived, and the snow storms are especially ferocious in the normally warmer regions in the south of Yangtze River which cause traffic to stand still and price to go up. In some areas a near total darkness descends as the power lines have been damaged by snow and ice. A Chinese Net-named shban on 1 February posted to China’s online forum the shots of the snow scenes he took in Wuhu (芜湖), in central China’s Anhui Province.

Snow occupies chairs in a park

That is how some Chinese people make walking on icy, slippery road possible: tie straws to the shoes

(Original photos by shban)


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