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An Aussie Mum's Kitchen at the Front Gate of Beijing

19 February 2008

The Great Front Gate in the early 20th century

During the imperial era, most things in and around the Forbidden City were strictly forbidden, for instance, to enter the Forbidden City and its surrounding premises without a special permission. Nowadays, many things in and around the Forbidden City are still forbidden in principle, for instance, to sell a cup of coffee in the Forbidden City or to play poker machine while drinking beer in its surrounding premises. Why, because it is in the heart of the Chinese culture and history, and the symbol of culture and history should not be diluted by and mutated into something else.

However there are exceptions, for instance, those straight buildings looked like two blocks of chess called the People’s Hall and the History Museum, and that round architecture looked like a dinosaur egg named the Century Theatre, and then, that Capital M, are all allowed to stay around the Forbidden City.

But unlike the Hall, the Museum and the Threat re, Capital M possesses neither national importance nor international appeal. It’s just a humble restaurant, and a restaurant owned by an Aussie mum, Michelle Garnaut, who is only specialised in cooking, for her kids, and for others, both kids and adults. But it is a restaurant that is to occupy the strategic position between the once prohibited Forbidden City and the old CBD of Beijing, Great Front Gate Street.

It is rumoured that one week prior to the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics on 8th August, Melbourne Mum Michelle and her Sydney cookers will open her kitchen to feed 400 hungry mouths with typical Aussie diet, and her VIP guests will be able to take a full view of the Tiananmen Square - the biggest square on the planet - and the Forbidden City with curved tops sparking gold in the sun, and those chess blocks, and that giant egg, while enjoying their bacon and eggs and chess cakes.

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A Plate of Fireworks or Flowers? Or Both?

Edible chrysanthemum flowers, made of ... no idea

Hi Michelle, I wanna booking a table on 8th August 2008, at 8pm, can you do that for me? Appreciated. By the way, I only drink milk soup, 'cause I'm toothless.


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