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Top Ten Anti-aging Chinese Medicine Remedies (3)

26 February 2008

Top Ten Anti-aging Chinese Medicine Remedies (1)
Top Ten Anti-aging Chinese Medicine Remedies (2)

7) Wolfberry Fruit (goujizi 枸杞子)

"Wolfberry can strengthen qi, enrich blood, support yang and boost yin. When taking regularly, it helps obtain strong bones, buoyant body and ageless appearance, and withstand extreme weathers (使气可充,血可补,阳可生,阴可, 久服坚筋骨,轻身不老,耐寒暑)". The above is the entry in the Divine Farmer's Herbal Medicine (《神农本草经》) about this beautiful red fruit.

A potent anti-oxidant, wolfberry is used in Chinese medicine to nourish kidneys and liver, reduce blood glucose, promote cell growth, improve lung conditions and address eyesight problems.

8) Red Common Stonecrop Herb (hongjintian 红景天)

There is no reference about this herb in classical Chinese medicine, as it is a newly discovered natural wonder drug. The researches have found only quite recently that it is a powerful remedy to help people remain active in old age.

The main positive effects of this marvelous red flower included nourishing spleen, tranquillizing mind, soothing emotion, cleaning heat, preventing hypoxia, cold and fatigue, and suppressing tumour growth.

8) Herba Gynostemma (jiaogulan 绞股蓝)

It is commonly used by Chinese herbal doctors for anti-inflammation, anti-cough, anti-phlegm and anti-aging, and to normalize metabolism system and lower the cholesterol level in blood and transaminase.

Possessing fatty acids, it plays a positive role in preventing coronary artery disease, reducing blood triglycerides, inhibiting ulcer, and relieving nervousness and pain.

4) Royal Jelly (fengwangjiang 蜂王浆)

Royal Jelly has a long tradition of use in Chinese medicine as a general tonic, and is highly valued for helping achieve longevity.

A natural complex nutrient, it is produced from the salivary gland of bees, that is rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids including cysteine, lysine and arginine, which aids in digestion, boost immune system and promote protein synthesis.

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