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Is Tibetan Lamaism Buddhism? (6)
Seeking to Rule the World - Chakravartin

1 May 2008

Is Tibetan Lamaism Buddhism? (1) - A Culture of Black Magic
Is Lamaism Buddhism? (2) - Dalai Lama's Black Magic
Is Lamaism Buddhism? (3) - The 5th Reting Lama
Is Lamaism Buddhism? (4) - Tibetan Lamas & Politics
Is Lamaism Buddhism? (5) - A Time Machine

The initial drive towards establishing Buddhism is to help people achieve a true enlightenment through internal awakening, in replace to the dominant Hinduism of the time which relies heavily on external forces from the deities to accomplish spiritual transformation. But in Lamaism, the old spirits and demons once again have prevailed.

In Tibet Buddhism, there were two thinking schools, Madhyamika and Yogachara. Madhyamika takes the concept of nothingness (Shunyata) to extremity, believing the existence of spirits and demons are just illusions, thus they can be used as convenient tools and discarded afterwards with no consequences to be generated. Yogachara, on the other hand, views all existence, including deities, as nothing more than their own metal impressions and therefore can be controlled, manipulated and destroyed by their mental power.

The man who brought Lamaism into Tibet in 780AD is Padmasambhava from India’s voodoo land Uddiyana. According to the legend, when Padmasambhava met Tibetan lord Trisong Detsen, he refused to bow but released a beam of light from his finger to make the lord to knee before him. Padmasambhave’s Lamaism is crude, brutal and showy, and lamas engaged in mess murder, looting, group sex and black voodoo. After destroyed the united Tibetan kingdom, an integrated secular and religious rule by lamas was unable to be established. Padmasambhave’s Lamaism only pushed Tibet into a deep chaos.

A messy situation lasted for several hundred years until Tsongkhapa took a religious reform. He formulated the religious body into a pyramid shaped organisation with severe discipline and harsh punishment put in place for lamas in higher orders to govern those at lower levels, with more advanced voodoo arts reserved exclusively for a small group of ruling lamas at the top of the pyramid.

A political army with a religious fever was born.

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