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When Uncle Sam Is Viewed as Uncle satan,
Voice of America Lost Its Voice in China

8 April 2008

It is reported by Chinese Netizens on an online forum hosted by that on 19 March, five days after the Lhasa riot, when a journalist working for the US government sponsored propaganda machine the Voice of America talked about the situation in Sichuan, he invited the locals to give their voice to support America's version of the event. Disappointedly, the locals jumped at the opportunity and criticised the US government and media for their biased reports against Chinese. It is certainly not what the Voice of America wanted to voice, so the broadcast was cut off and the audience were invited to appreciate the sound of music.

It was a time when the Voice of America was esteemed by many young Chinese as the Voice of Angel, but now as Chinese Netizens get know the world better, Uncle Sam has been viewed by Chinese more like Uncle Saturn who wishes nothing else but the worst of China, the Voice of America has eventually lost its voice to the point that Chinese people don't even bother to condemn it. Chinese Netizens have denounced CNN, BBC, but has anyone heard they talked much about the VOA? Nope. It is beneath their contempt, seems.

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When Olympics Torch to London

Chinese, in particular the citizens of Beijing, have done the world a huge favour by putting a great effort into hosting a world sports event.

Chinese students in London hail the arrival of the Beijing Olympics torch

On April 6, Chinese police disguised as British police use violence to crackdown peaceful pro-Tibet-independence protesters against Beijing Olympics torch to London - oops, they don't really look like Chinese

On April 6, a British woman makes a violent yet failed attempt to stop Beijing Olympics torch to London for her alleged course: the happiness of the Tibetans

On April 6, A Tibetan "Living Buddha" happily welcomes Beijing Olympics torch to London

(Source of photos: by 想去南极裸泳


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