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Truth behind Tibetan Youth Congress

8 April 2008

The following is a partial translation from an online article post on and the part of the original text by a Tibetan guy 西藏小子:

My home is in South Tibet, which is a beautiful place, but I was grown up in Bomi. It is not a secret in Bomi that both the PLA and overseas militant Tibet Independence organisations compete for talented Tibetan young men. Often when a boy graduates from high school with good marks, he would be visited by an army officer in the morning, then at that night, someone from Tibetan Youth Congress may come to talk to him and offer better payment for his service. The majority of local young Tibetans choose to join the PLA, but some did go to Indian to attend the military training. I myself was approached by both sides but I decided to go to college, however, some of my high school mates are in the Indian camps right now.

As for those Tibetan Independence folks, they are not all vicious like devils as commonly perceived. They are humans, just like you and me, though a bunch of pathetic people who are destined to die and to be buried far away from their ancestral land. The chairman of the Tibetan Youth Congress is Samdong Rinpoche who is a lama and is known to be rather sinister and cunning. The TYC is very ambitious and has even had its "provincial governments -in-exile" for Sichuan, Qianghai, Front Tibet and Rear Tibet. It's a group of violent extremists, with a Japanese as its military consultant whose main purpose is to split Chinese to pieces.

I call the government to give us Menba people some weapons, and we'll formed a volunteer army to destroy the TYC's military base in India once and for all. We (the followers of the Black Sect) have always been on wars with Yellow Hats and we know how to fight against those folks.



藏青会现在已经是一个完整的政府,连青海,四川,前后藏的官员都很齐全,也就是说dl就算今天就死了,藏独也会继续繁荣存在. 西藏有可能变成第二个中东。这并不是一个骇人听闻的神话,除非政府像我以前提出的建议一样,奥运会结束以后把我们门巴族男儿武装起来。我族自古尚武,历史上一直守卫西藏的南大门,和印度人,蒙古人,西藏黄教不断的作战。我们自愿处(出)境去剿灭藏独,让战火蔓延的(在)境外,如果需要我出力,我现在就可以回家乡组建一支志愿军。 对了,藏独分子的顾问是个日本人,叫殿冈什么郎,反正那个日本人毕竟(生)的精力就是想把新疆,蒙古和西藏从中国独立出去.

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Tibetan Lamas before the Lhasa Riot

Tibetan lamas in Qinghai Province on July 28, 2007

A Tibetan Lama practice his riding skill

Tibetan Lamas are only group of religious people in China who enjoy free medicare and receive wages from the government - Han Buddhist monks and nuns won't have these privilege.

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