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The Day Chinese Unite and Call for Peace

14 April 2008

Thousands of Chinese - mainly Chinese students in Australia - held a simultaneous march and rally in Sydney and Melbourne on Sunday, April 13, expressing their strong support for Beijing 2008 Olympics and the torch relay in Canberra scheduled to take place April 24, and protesting against violent Lhasa riot and the Western media distortion of the event. It was the biggest Chinese rally ever seen in Australia.

Towards the end of the Sydney rally, the sky got emotional and was moved to tears, opening up with thunderstorm, but 6,000 or so participants held their ground firmly until the rally was concluded as planned. Each of them is a hero in a battle defending Chinese unity and world peace.

Photos by 悉尼精灵, 小道无心, xman878, imd1, ZQ58 and 毛毛熊粉猪猪 (

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