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Is Tibetan Lamaism Buddhism? (3)
The 5th Reting Lama

25 April 2008

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The original name of the 14th Dalai Lama is Lhamo Dhondup. According to the official description by Dalai’s Tibetan government-in-exile, when Reting Lama led his searching group located Lhamo Dhondup as the potential candidate of the reincarnated Dalai Lama, the boy wanted a string of chanting beads held in the Lama’s hand. The beads were said to be left by the 13th Dalai Lama. Reting Lama asked the boy, “Do you know who we are?” The boy allegedly replied in authentic Lhasa dialect, “You are lamas from Sera Monastery!”

In fact, at the time the boy could not speak Tibetan at all, and the daily language of his family is Han Chinese with thick western rural accent. German researcher on Tibetan Culture Matthias Hermanns happened to be in the area during that period and he personally knew the Lhamo family who lived in China‘s Qinghai Province. He remembered when he asked the boy what his name was, he answered: “Qi (祁)!” [1]

After the boy became the 14th Dalai Lama, the 5th Reting Lama became Dalai’s first teacher and the regent of Tibetan local government until 1941 when Reting handed over power to another senior lama Taktra Rinpoche. But before long, Reting Lama decided to take the power back, and enlisted the assistance of Dalai Lama’s father Choekyong Tsering. The power seize attempt failed however, Dalai Lama's father soon died when having his meal. Dalai’s brother Gyalo Dhondup always insisted that their father was killed by poisoning and the Taktra's Tibetan government was behind the murder. [2]

When the news of Choekyong's death reached Reting Lama, he organized a military coup, yet which was also failed, and Reting Lama was arrested by Taktra Rinpoche. A riot erupted in the Sera Monastery. The lamas killed their abbot, the confidante of Taktra Rinpoche, and under the leadership of 18-year old Tsenya Rinpoche - a reincarnated demonic deity Dharma Pala - marched into Lhasa and tried to break into the Budara Palace. Taktra Rinpoche ordered his army to bombard his rivals with canons and over two hundred lamas were exploded into pieces. [3]

After the rescue effort crushed, in the basement prison of Budara Palace, Reting Lama endued the endless torture, and eventually died after his testicles were crumbled in his torment's stronger hand. Another high official collaborated with him had his eyeballs pressed out from their sockets and severed off by a knife.

[1] Matthias Hermanns: Mythen und Mysterien.
Magie und Religion der Tibeter, Koeln 1956

[2] Mary Craig:Kundun, a biogrphy of the family
of the Dalai Lama, London 1997

[3] Melvyn Goldstein, A history of modern, Tibet 1913-1951.The Demise of the Lamaist state, Berkely, 1989

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Dalai Lama = Dalai Lair?

About 500 unhappy people from the U.S., Canada and China's Tibet, with some of them being the Tibetan lamas, gathered outside a lecturing building in Colgate University where Dalai Lama was teaching his Western devotees the Art of Happiness. The gloomy protesters wanted Dalai Lama to stop lying, and demanded religious freedom from the Tibetan government-in-exile of which Dalai Lama is the head.

Since the beginning of this year, Dalai Lama has increased the oppression on people in the community of Tibetans in exile who hold a faith of which he does not approve.

Chinese Guardian Warriors in China's Tibet

金珠玛米, 亚古都

A Tibetan old lady bids a sentimental farewell to a military police who is due to leave his post in Tibet. She thanks him to keep the slave owners away from former serfs

The comments by Chinese Netizens:

Dalai said, that old lady is in fact a military police who pretends to be a Tibetan woman.

Dalai said, that military police is in fact a Tibetan old lady who pretends to be a police.

The 14th Dalai Lama, the alleged reincarnated embodiment of wisdom once used this years-old photo image showing a film shooting site as his hard evidence to prove that those violent Tibetan lamas who committed crimes against humanity on 14 March were in fact the policemen. Where is his "Buddha eye", okay, his "Lama eye"?


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