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The Olympic Torch Sheds Light
on the Battle
between Pro-Peace and Pro-Violence


23 April 2008

The sacred flame is helping Chinese to discover who are their true friends and who are their real foes.


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Beijing Olympic Torch Flame

Help us to discover what is reality and what is perception

South Korean protesters against Olympic torch relay arrive with bricks and sticks in hand

A South Korean protester against torch lifts his brick and violently attaches a Chinese student who helps to protect the sacred fire.

Later this same attacker appeared on a SK media conference as a victim - does it reminds anyone of those sobbing Tibetan lamas before the cameras of the visiting Western media?

Perpetrating a crime then pretending to be a victim is the old, old and very old tricks of criminals.

Beijing Olympic torch arrives in North Korea

North Korea children

North Korea woman

North Korea men

Baby's concern:

Imagine if one day China with 1.3 billion people has been so Westernised and has American military bases on its soil to overlook the political and cultural aspects of it, what a threatening force China might become to the West and to the world.


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