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The Justice of the Western Media

5 April 2008

The following is the partial translation of the full original text of an online comment posted by Chinese Netizen windofblade:

When Paris had suburban disturbance, it was called riot;

When Los Angeles had black American civil unrest, it was called riot;

When Northern Ireland Republican Armies wanted independence and upraised against England, they were called terrorists;

When Iraqis fight for their independence and revolt against American occupation of their homeland, they are called terrorists;

But when Tibetan thugs smashed shops, burned houses, killed people, attacked police, they are called protestors (by the West), and “peaceful protestors”.

Tell me if there is anything remotely resembling justice and objectivity existed in this world!

North ireland共和军闹独立,叫terrorist.

500年来就属于中国中央政府管辖的西藏,生活在社会底层的一些混混,生活无着,砸店,放火,拿着3尺长的藏刀见汉人就砍,袭击警察,焚烧国旗,怎么就叫protest呢?还是peace protest!


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Don't Behave Like CNN

A T-shirt designed by Chinese Netizen with the front motif reads: Don't behave like CNN - they are liars

Chinese Protest Against BBC

Chinese students protest against lies told by British media BBC

Chinese Protest Against German Liars

On Saturday, April 5, About 700 - 800 Chinese students braved the cold rain protesting against the racist propaganda by German politicians and media.

(Photo by: chandler123,


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