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Is Tibetan Lamaism Buddhism? (1)
Politics Through Black Magic

13 April 2008

神通不敌业力, 无大悲心而用神通, 小心引火烧身.

This is the translation of the excerpt of a long article posted at where you can view the full text in original Chinese language.

The 14th Dalai Lama is hot in today’s world. Whenever he opens his mouth, he speaks on human rights, democracy, freedom of speech and the spirit of science. Those less informed may identify him as a rationalist, but in reality, the essence of the Tibetan culture is all about superstition, with black magic plays a key role in its social development throughout history.

Tibetan voodoo and politics have been closely tangled together right form the ancient time. Most of the Tibetan black magic are designed to destroy political rivals, in which demons are enlisted as assistants. There might be many things lacking in the Tibetan culture, but what is abundant is demons; when you open a Lamaist holy book, you’ll be overwhelmed by all kinds of spirits and devils, as German Tibetan culture researcher Matthisa Hermanns pointed out that “the positive nature of the Buddhism has been entirely buried underneath of the Lamaism.” [1]

The dark voodoos aimed at killing people are not exceptions in Tibetan Lamaism, nor are they confined for private usage. On the contrary, using black magic to kill is often the main job of lamas. Demonology is an important “science” in Tibetan monastery, and holding sacrificial rituals are an important duty of the government. Before having a demon or demons to possess a human body, appropriate tributes catering for the special taste of the demons must be presented. The following are parts of the typical tributary items used on the occasion:

  • Pies made of brown flour mixed with human blood;

  • Meat from five different sources, one of which has to be human flesh;

  • The skull of a child born as a result of incest and filled with blood and mustard seeds;

  • Skin of a little boy;

  • A bowl of human blood and human brain;

  • A dough made of human blood, human brain, human gall bladder, and other human internal organs. [2]

If demons accept sacrificial articles, they enter a contract with men to obey their demands. For instance, a four-armed demon called Mahakala is considered to be a professional assassin, the more powerful ones like Kshetrapala could only be summoned by government for big missions. Once a high priest lama writes down a related mantra or wishes with golden ink or blood dripped off the tip of a knife, the dark power is believed to be activated.

It is said that when Nepal attacked Tibet, an earthquake occurred in Nepal; and when Britain invaded that voodoo land, the earthquake took place in India, resulting the death of a number of British soldiers. The Tibetans have always claimed that these were caused by the power of their black magic.

It is known that in Haiti there is a voodoo art that is to make a doll reminiscent to one's enemy, and by torturing and destroying this doll, the enemy would experience the suffering accordingly. This kind of black magic is quite common in Tibetan culture. They normally attach enemy’s hair or clothes on the doll to form a better connection between the media and the target.

The following is a detailed description of another popular killing voodoo employed by Tibetan lamas:

Draw a red crescent; use the blood of a dark skinned girl to write the name of your enemy as well as his/her family tree on a shroud of a corpse died of lung disease. Let the shroud be shrouded in black smoke while summoning guardian spirits; place the shroud in the red crescent, wave a dagger made of the bone of the deceased and chant a hundred thousand times of killing mantra. Locate this shroud in your enemy’s bed and he/she will die shortly as you have so wished [3].

Dark voodoo is an essential part of the Tibetan government's policy ever since the 5th Dalai Lama, who even produced “Book of Methodology” with Tangka, containing nothing else but the black magic for killing.

[1] Das Nationalepos der Tibeter, Gling Koenig Ge Sar, Regensburg 1965)

[2] Rene de Nebesky-Wojkowitz: Oracles and demons of Tibet, the cult and Iconography of the Tibetan protective deities, Kathmandu 1993)

[3] Rene de Nebesky-Wojkowitz: Oracles and demons of Tibet, the cult and Iconography of the Tibetan protective deities, Kathmandu 1993)

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Weapons and Porn Discs Seized
from Some Tibetan Lama Monasteries

A large quantity of munitions seized from a Tibetan Lama monastery

The weapons seized form a Tibetan Lama monastery

A government office building was bombed on 23 March. After three weeks of hard work, the perpetrators were identified and arrested on Saturyday. All nine terror suspects are Tibetan lamas from a Lamaism college under the administration of Tongxia Lama monastery Gyanbe Township in Tibet, and all have confessed to the crime.

With the help of others, Cewang Yexe, 27, used his motorbike to transported a homemade bomb to the site and placed it in the office building before detonated the bomb and fled the scene.

Earlier, a large quantity of guns, bullets, explosives and porn discs were also seized in some Tibetan Lamaist monasteries.



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