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Free Japan?

10 April 2008

On April 6, when a Chinese student, like thousand of her countrymen and women at the time in London, went to join the force protecting the Beijing Olympics torch, she witnessed a local young man passionately yelling at the passers-by while beating a gong: "Free Japan! Free Japan!"

The passers-by seemed all puzzled by his plea, trying hard to figure out which country had invaded Japan overnight. The U.S., must be, the Chinese student thought, as this is the empire of war machine that has already had numerous military bases around the world, including in Japan. Who knows, the troops may once again decide to take control of that country like it did some decades ago.

But before the news of Japan occupation could be confirmed, someone marked as a supporter of Tibet Independence Movement went over to whisper into the ear of the yelling guy, and the guy immediately altered his sacred mission, and wanted to free Tibet instead.

Soon, a Chinese owner of a supermarket emerged, distributing drinking bottles to Chinese students. The free-whatever local man also asked to have one. The Chinese market owner happened to have a good hearing and happened to have heard what he had yelled about, so scanned him suspiciously, asking him by which side he stood.

"Which side? Bug, who the hell knows!"

It seems this passionate missionary white guy never envisaged there could be two sides to every coin. Although being idiotic, he was honest, and admitted that he was paid to do this yelling job. Did he eventually get a bottle of drink from Chinese? Who the hell knows!

(Source: 小口子军港ON.1,

U.S. Speaker Declares War on 1.3 Billion Chinese

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi openly encouraged to protest along the torch's route in San Francisco.

When learned her attempt to spoil a happy occasion of 1.3 billion people, Chinese Netizens commend the world to remember that the Olympic ideals of peace and harmony should apply to all people, including those killed by U.S.-CIA led riot in Tibet and innocent people in Iraq.

There are 200,000 Chinese living in San Francisco, accounted for one third of the total population in the city. Over ten thousand Chinese are expected to join the Olympics torch protection force while about seven thousand pro-Tibet Independence Movement would try their best to disrupt the rally. While two opposing sides are about to enter their positions, U.S. speaker's instigation has promoted open conflicts and violent confrontations in America and in China.

With Pelosi as its Speaker, America's doom seems to be inevitable. But that is the karma of a nation with too much blood on its hand, what can you do about it?

4月8日,星期二,美国国会众议院议长配骡戏公开号召骚扰奥运圣火, 攻击中国警方逮捕由美国CIA支持的杀人放火藏独暴徒是侵犯人权, 并呼吁抵制奥运会开幕式。


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Say No to the U.S.-CIA Campaign Against China

A group of American teachers in San Francisco protest on April 4 against CIA led campaign against 1.3 billion Chinese

(Source: 中国网驻美通讯员 旧金山报道)

China angel Jin Jin

You Wanna a Fight? Come On!

This is an amusing piece of writing by a Chinese Netizen in the style of a traditional Kungfu fiction:



Chinese vs Americans

In Lhasa riot on 14 March, Tibetan lamas pour boiling water on police - have you ever imagined what consequences these violent guys would face had they done this in America?

In Iraq, a U.S. soldier points his machine gun at a little Iraqi boy who has not engaged in any kind of protest


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