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A Propaganda Machine
- Radio Free Asia

20 April 2008

The following are the except from an online article by Zwoof and its Chinese translation (The full text can be view at

The Chinese are not particularly good at propaganda outside of their sphere of influence. Their expertise is to control the narrative by shutting down sources of information internally. In these times of immediate access to damn near every iota of information, this is a losing battle for the Chinese.

The stifling of information also gives any opposition opportunity to fill the void with their "ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause".

As a result, it is difficult to get information out of Tibet. We are forced to rely on other sources. The leading source of "information" from Tibet and into Tibet is Radio Free Asia (RFA).

(But who is behind the RFA? After an online search, I discovered) RFA is funded and regulated by the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

But then I wondered who is on the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). I discovered that the BBG is headed by Bush appointee, James K. Glassman. Condi is also on the board. Reading Glassman's bio, I then discovered he is a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

As you can see from the stellar list of war criminals pigs above, the AEI is an arm of Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

These scoundrels are not interested in Tibet or the plight of the Tibetan people at all. They are interested in global conflict.

The death of the NeoCon movement has been greatly exaggerated. They are alive and well and up to their old games.

Remembering the deceit and criminal actions of these Chickenhawks responsible for the current fustercluck in the Middle East, are we to trust them at all in controlling the information coming from and going into Tibet and neighboring regions?
Are the Tibetans to be the new Iraqis, pawns in a global game of world domination proposed by the rogues gallery listed above?









All of these "unconfirmed" reports originating from Radio Free Asia appear to contradict eyewitness reports. Watch and listen to this from Exile Government spokesperson Dawa Tsering as he explains how they gather information for dissemination on RFA and more shockingly, his rationalization that beating Chinese and Hui people is "non-violent" and that the deaths of the 5 young girls, the 10 month old baby and others that were immolated as they hid from the rioters were "accidents" because they didn't run away fast enough. Full


by xgz:
They think that Iraq is not enough for them to screw up. They are trying to make China into another enemy. This time, though, they might have a easier time with the American public because the left has been duped into it already. Their march to war has no real opposition now. God help us.


by Zwoof:
The Tibetan Youth Congress has told The Exile Government and Dalai Lama to "step aside" as they feel the non-violent approach is not working. One must remember that the exile community was established and financed originally by the CIA to start a war in China.

藏青会要西藏流亡政府和达赖喇嘛站一边去,因为他们觉得非暴力不管用。但事实是,整个西藏流亡社团本来就是由中情局一手建立和豢养起来, 用于未来的对华战争的。Full



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Unguarded Nuisance Reports

More on www. unguarded. co. uk (or maybe guarded by a guardian?)

A Muslim Cleric Committed Verbal Violence Gets 4.5 Years
- Welcome to Britain

Muslim cleric Izzadeen who called for volunteers to fight against British and American troops occupying Iraq and shouted at the face of a former British minister was accused of inciting and funding terrorism by British court after a three-month trial.

The defendant was mainly charged for trying to speak freely without borders and to someone he has no right to speak to and about a religion that does not use human skins and skulls at rituals and in an unpleasant tone which did not involve idiotic giggling from time to time and failed to rationalize that his verbal attacking of the West and Christian people is "non-violent" and that his shouting at the face of the minister was "accident" because the minister didn't run away fast enough to avoid hearing his yelling.

The judge told Izzadeen: "I am left in no doubt that your speeches were used by you as self-aggrandisement and not as an expression of sincerely held religious views ... you are arrogant, contemptuous and utterly devoid of any sign of remorse."

We wonder how many years of sentence the U.S. Speaker Pelosi should receive for supporting violence against Han and Muslim Chinese by demanding Chinese authority to release the criminals who not just incited terrorism but actually killed civilians in the most horrific ways.

Tibetan Murderous Lamas Get Support in the West
- Welcome to China

The prime minister of a certain Asian country at one point in history urged the Japanese foreign minister to start a dialogue with former comfort women, and to be more open about its war crimes during the WWII. Japanese foreign minister allegedly said anything regarding Japanese history was a domestic matter.

A Japanese temple withdrew from hosting the Olympic torch relay next week. One of its officials reportedly told a press conference: "Ours is a Japanese temple. Naturally, we are not concerned about Han and Muslim Chinese to be killed but have great sympathy for the Tibetan Chinese who were said to be dead by his holiness the Dalai Lama but in fact are still alive."

Tibetan Murderous Lamas Get Support in the West
- Welcome to China

The mobs in the Lhasa riots were sentenced to years behind bards recently. "These criminals and their supports, the Tibetan Youth Congress and Tibetan Government-in exile, called for the West to give their support to Tibet riots and donate money for purchasing firearms. They told people they should be proud of 14/3. It is not an offence to have negative views about China and its values and culture, but it is an offence to encourage acts of violence. This case was not about attacking peaceful protest. It was about upholding the law," the sentencing judge said.

Chinese police try to save the victims in the Lhasa riot

Our dear baby's conclusion:

Having reviewed the nuisance, I realise we're still in a barbaric age, living by the rules of the jungle, especially in the West. The world, and the West in particular, is yet to be civilised.


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