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Chinese in Action Across Europe & U.S.

22 April 2008

孙子兵法大比拚 The Art of War

欧美列强: 无中生有、瞒天过海、借刀杀人、混水摸鱼、趁火打劫、假途伐虢、暗渡陈仓、隔岸观火、笑里藏刀、顺手牵羊、李代桃僵、偷梁换柱、苦肉计、反间计、连环计...

中华民族: 以逸待劳、声东击西、打草惊蛇、调虎离山、围魏救赵、釜底抽薪、擒贼擒王...


Chinese in Europe form a united front and protest Western media distortion, condemn violent Tibetan riots, and show their firm support for Beijing 2008 Olympics.

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