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BBC's Laugh
at Perceived Chinese Setback

11 April 2008

The following is the core text of article from Chinese website posted by a Chinese Journalist:

A BBC TV host yesterday could not contain his feeling of jubilant excitement when reporting the alteration of the torch rally route and "the embarrassment to Olympics, Chinese Government and San Francisco" that the alternation, as he believes, has brought.

However, if the protests are peaceful, why should the organiser be afraid of and further to change the route? While the mobs use violence to disrupt a peaceful torch rally, who should feel embarrassed?

But we heard BBC host's chilly laugh.

Tolerance over and empathy for violence and terrorism breaches standards of basic human decency. I wonder when facing the violent disruptions and terrorist attacks during the London 2012 Olympics, will BBC keep laughing, happily?

Since the Lhasa riot, I observed no sympathy from the West for the innocent victims killed, and we heard no condemnation of this brutal crimes committed by some Tibetan lamas, mobs and those behind.






Our dear baby's wise advice:

If any Chinese still harbours any illusion over the West's stance on human rights and justice and their alleged best wishes for a "democratic and free" China for the goodness of Chinese people, it's time for him to wake up to the reality.

The Western crusade against China and the rest of the world is still on! China should take action accordingly.


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