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The Art of War

5 April 2008

When you are a war liker, you like to have wars; when you have wars, you need enemies. What if you don't have enemies in sight at the moment? Not to worry, here is a case study showing you how to turn 1.3 billion people into your enemies in just three simple steps:

Background: Lhasa riot.


Step one, the Western media and politicians keep insulting victims of the Lhasa riot popularly believed to be organised by the descendents of former slave owners and the CIA, which has successfully offended one in every five people on earth.

Step two, the Western media and politicians keep praising Chinese government for its smart management of nationalism, but being very humble in acknowledging their own contribution to initiate such sentiment, which has fruitfully motivated Chinese people to unite around their government.

Step three, the Western media and politicians stand firmly on their time-honoured principle ever since the Opium War that is not to co-exist peacefully and harmonious with China, which has efficiently promoted themselves as the major bashing board.


The biggest winners in this Lhasa live show are the Western media and politicians. Their solid performance has transformed their dull image of being just and objective into a more exciting presentation as master liars and con artists in the eye of ordinary Chinese. Cheers!

The second prize goes to the pro-west Chinese intellectuals (such as 南方毒屎, 南方咒魔, 猪学禽, 歌奸紅, 狐假, 余劫) who have now distinguished themselves from the mass and stuck out proudly like a sore thumb in China. Bravo!

The third prize goes to the Tibetan Lamaism. Over the past decade, a growing number of young Han Chinese have mistaken it as a branch of Buddhism and aggressively taken over this treasured Tibetan heritage as their own. Now it's time to wrap it up and return it to the attic of the planet. Salute!

And the biggest loser? Naturally, China! It has lost a plate of sands. This is what a Chinese Netizen has observed:

Under normal conditions, Chinese people are like sands. But when somebody pours dirty water on us, like during the Lhasa riot, we have been consolidated into concrete.

So no more sands, that's sad!

Pre: Insult to Victims
Next: The Justice of the Western Media


The Light Arrives in Beijing

On Monday, March 31, at 11:45am, Chinese President Hu Jintao hands over the Olympic torch to Chinese Olympian Liu Xiang on the Golden Stream Bridge in front of the Heavenly Peach Gate at the Heart of Beijing, the capital of China and the host city of 2008 Olympics.

East Meets West
A summit between two major civilisations

Time: 17.46pm, March 24, 2008

China takes a new journey to the West to the real cradle and true custodian of the Western civilisation, and Greeks hand the flame to Chinese.

道路是曲折滴, 前途是光明滴!

What's in Your Mind Will Be What's in Your World

A rock in China weighted about 10 tons clings firmly to the cliff edge

(Source: Dongfang IC)

A natural balcony on a cliff face overlooks the Yellow River, one of the main cradles of Chinese civilisation


When someone, like Canadian PM, passionately defends the rights of criminals to loot, burn and kill innocent people, and thus is passionately disgusted and hated as a "political thug" by 1.3 billion minds, it would be interesting to imagine what would be eventually manifested in his world.

Criminal thugs in Lhasa riot


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