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Taisui - the Ruler of Year

28 September 2007

Taisui is traditionally viewed by Chinese as a powerful heavenly force, which, though invisible, sways people’s fortune in a mysterious way.

Taisui, meaning the ruler of year, is a presumed celestial body that orbits the sun at the same speed as but opposite direction to that of the planet Jupiter, which completes a circle in a dozen years. The Chinese calendar is in fact based on Taisui's movement in the sky, with yearly ruler determined by its zodiac position in that particular year. When it passes the 亥 (hai) point in 2007, for instance, hai with zodiac image Pig therefore becomes this year's governing zodiac.

The ideas of freedom and democracy are by and large recent human inventions, or fantasies, with the terms being terribly abused by those who advocate these beliefs more enthusiastically than anyone else, but did the most to violate other people’s rights to live as relatively free as themselves and other nations’ entitlement to govern for themselves. So as what happens in reality, the Taisui, like most kings and lords in human society and other societies, does not think much of our definitions of freedom and democracy, but commands an exceptional respect. And that is why in Chinese astrology, it is urged as a matter of vital importance that the locations where Taisui resides should be avoided when commencing a new construction work (太岁头上勿动土).

Historically, Chinese regards the universe as a holographic system, in which the parts reflect one another and include the whole. Every terrestrial appearance is a shadowy expression of the celestial occurrence, and each earthly incident is echoed back by a heavenly show.

From this regard, Taisui should also have its counterpart on earth. And believe it or not, it indeed has, which is what is displayed in the picture.

The Chinese records on terrestrial Taisuis, that are often described as a piece or block of stone-like meat, can be tracked back to ancient documents, although the occasions of sighting of them were extremely rare. But recently, they have been discovered in many parts in China.

It is said that these ugly-looking creatures relocate their residence yearly following the Taisui’s orbiting path in the heaven - in this Pig year, they all call hai spot their home. And maybe that is one of the major reasons why the construction works should be avoided in those sites.

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