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Soul Mates

15 September 2007

When a monkey in Lingding Island of Guangdong Province was three-month old, it was abandoned by its own mother and became homeless since, living alone in the fringe of the monkey community.

By the time it was found by human rescuers, it was nearly dead. After spending sometime in an animal hospital, its physical health has gradually recovered, but not its emotional and mental status. It seemed mortally wounded in spirit, disillusioned and depressed, to the point of having lost all its will to live.

Then one day a miracle happened. A dove paid a chance visit to the hospital and met this suicidal monkey. Nobody knows for sure what kind of life wisdom that the winged volunteer passed on to the furred sufferer, but the amazing result of their brief encounter was observed by every humans around: the little monkey has been reinvigorated and soon regained its appetite and strength.

Since then, the winged and the furred spent all their time together, communicating through body language and cuddling each other like a pair of affectionate lovers. Maybe they were lovers in their past life, but are forced into adapting different forms of existence this round. Can’t help but wonder what they had done to one another previously.

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